5 Fabulous Ways To Get Your Veggie On

 Fresh cut veggie crudite stations, gazpacho soup shooters and fruit smoothies are just a few delicious and healthy options for your wedding.

Brighten up your wedding menu with these fantastic vegetable ideas

You can also serve roasted vegetable skewers with zesty seasoning, portabella mushroom burgers and hearty vegetable soups. Veggies can be far more appealing to even the pickiest guests if you just put a little more thought and some amazing flavor additions into their preparation.

Veggies are the kind of food you either love, or love to hate. Either way, they are a key essential to our body's nutrition, therefore, you have to learn to love them! With these five creative, easy-to-make ways of getting your daily dose of vegetables, vitamins and fiber in, we are sure you'll absolutely love veggies by the time National Eat Your Veggies Day is over.

Try one (but we suggest all!) of these tasty and fun ways to get your fill of veggies and gives your body the nutrition it needs and deserves!

-Casey Schmieder, Shecky's