5 Delicious Southern-Inspired Vegan Recipes

Easy and delicious Southern dishes — vegan style

Indulge in Southern-inspired cuisine, that's vegan, too.

You might be thinking…what exactly is a Southern-inspired recipe, anyway? It turns out the answer to that question is more complex than one might think.

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The South is perhaps best known for a few distinctive items like fried chicken, grits, BBQ, cornbread, hush puppies, boiled peanuts, and fried green tomatoes. But in general, Southern fare is characterized by a lot of fried foods in general, fried meats in particular, and the use of animal fats for flavoring. Not sounding too healthy or vegan-friendly, right?

The key here, though, is inspired. Many of the recipes below feature traditionally Southern elements or ingredients, but have been veganized and often concurrently made healthier through the use of wholesome plant-based ingredients.

So check out these twelve delicious, Southern-inspired recipes – vegan style.

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