5 Awesome Drink Party Tricks

Ways to wow friends and family at your next holiday get-together.
5 Awesome Drink Party Tricks

Office holiday happy hours, Christmas, New Year's Eve — 'tis the season to party. And do you know what that means (aside from a lot of drinking)? A lot of opportunities to impress people while drinking. We're not talking about who has the smoothest game, or whether you can chug your beer in record time — we're talking about awesome party tricks, awesome drink party tricks. Check out these videos for ideas of ways to wow friends and family at your next holiday get together. 


Freeze Beer in Two Seconds

Almost as cool as opening a bottle of beer with a CD. For this to work, the beer needs to be really, really cold.


Wine and Water Swap

Now, if my middle school physics teacher had done this trick to demonstrate water density I probably would have been right there in the front row, instead of nodding off in the back.


Lift a Shot with Only Your Palm

Watch this if you want to win the "I can lift this shot of whiskey off the table with only the palm of my hand" bet.


Fill an Upside-down Wine Glass

Pouring wine into a glass that is right-side-up will seem so boring after watching this.


Red Bull Liquid Suspension

Here's some more gravity-defying fun to be had for the vodka and Red Bull drinker.