5 Beer Bottle Opener Alternatives

What to do when you find yourself without a bottle opener for your brew.
5 Beer Bottle Opener Alternatives

We've already seen people go to great — not to mention creative — lengths to open a bottle of wine when they are without a corkscrew. But what about the beer drinker? Lose the bottle opener and you've got to figure out another way to remove the cap that stands between you and your ice-cold brew.

Of course, there are some standard tricks: using the edge of a table (good for you, bad for the table), your forearm (at the risk of self-mutilation), or your teeth (again, ouch). But if you would rather not sacrifice yourself or your furniture in this endeavor, check out these videos for clever alternatives to the bottle opener.


With a CD

Not the case, the actual CD. Sound crazy? Yes. Impossible? No. Turns out, this technique is not all that unlike using a sabre to open a bottle of champagne. But until you've got the wrist action down, you might want to use a CD you haven't played in a while.


With a piece of paper

If you can fold paper, you can have an open bottle of beer in about a minute or less. This cheap, easy alternative might just make you rethink ever buying a bottle opener again.


With another bottle of beer

There's some mess potential here for rookies, but the technique would be great for parties.


With a carabiner

For the rock climbers in the audience, this piece of equipment mimics the function of a traditional bottle opener quite well.


With a chainsaw

You don't have a bottle opener, but you have a chainsaw handy? OK, so it's a little improbable, but still incredibly amusing to watch. This one's really just for show, but if you do decide to try it at home, please proceed with caution.

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