5 Awesome Chip And Dip Platters

If you're not counting down to the Super Bowl by now, lose our number — we don't know you. We're in full game day mode, prepping ourselves and you for the ultimate Super Bowl bash.

Here are our five favorite chip and dip sets

But while wings, nachos, and subs are totally made for the game-day table, we're here to talk about snacks, more specifically chips and dips.

There are fantastic chip and dip pairings — classic potato and French onion, pita and hummus, tortilla and guacamole, etc. For the more traditional, how about a few throwbacks with a twist? Behold, Your Grandmother's Dips Reinvented.

To house all of these scoops and bites, you'll need a stellar chip and dip platter, and perhaps more than one, because one chip and dip set is never enough when you have 40 people over. We've rounded up five fantastic servers fit for the job.