5 Amazing Celebrity Baby Showers Slideshow


1. Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon

Hosted in the backyard of Angie Harmon’s L.A. home, Nilon’s 2007 shower was inspired by the color of a Tiffany blue box. While each table featured a low, compact arrangement of white flowers, a large, hanging mobile suspended from the ceiling and decorated with flowers stole the show.


D.I.Y.: Inspired by a baby’s crib mobile, re-create Nilon’s flower-studded mobile yourself. Instead of looping ribbon over a wooden hoop, use fishing line to hang flowers like roses, daisies, and carnations by their stems. Then tie the loose end of the string around the hoop.

2. Sheryl Crow

For the environmentally-conscious expectant mom, host an eco-friendly baby shower like Crow’s 2007 Nashville party. Crow got help from WeeGeneration.com, but you don't need a sponsor to do it yourself.


D.I.Y.: Follow our tips to minimize waste by using re-useable linens and dishes and then decorate the tables with potted herbs and flowers rather than cut flowers. Serve up a menu of dishes made with locally-sourced and organic ingredients, like lamb chops with an arugula salad. And while Crow’s bash was inspired by red, blue, and brown hues, why not make your eco-friendly party to the next level by choosing green linens, plates, glasses, and herbs where possible.

3. Victoria Beckham

For the arrival of Victoria Beckham’s fourth child, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria threw a pink princess-themed shower. Held at the Beverly Wilshire, Longoria asked guests to come in pink and planned for a tea-party style gathering with lots of pink food and drink, like rose Champagne and pink cupcakes.


D.I.Y.: Read our tips for hosting a tea party, and then put together a menu of tea sandwiches and pink cake pops. Be inspired by everything princess and pink when setting the table, using table linens in various shades of pink, making centerpieces out of big peony blossoms, and using vintage tea cups and saucers for tea.

4. Mariska Hargitay

Have a little fun when giving gifts to the expectant mom. For her blue-themed shower in New York City, Hargitay asked friends to each bring a gift that reflected them and to not label it with their name. As she opened each gift, Hargitay had to guess from whom each gift came.


D.I.Y.: Re-create Hargitay’s guessing game by asking guests to each bring a gift that reflects their personality/life (if you’re hosting, ask guests to RSVP with their gift idea to ensure no two people gift the same item). Collect all the gifts and mix them up. After the mom to be opens the first gift, have her guess who it’s from. If she guesses right, let that gift-giver pick what gift she opens next.

5. Minnie Driver

While devouring a berry cake (that was a party-favorite) and enjoying basil lemonade, guests at Minnie Driver’s 2008 shower shared their new mom tips with the mom-to-be in a keepsake book and sent her home with hand-decorated onesies for the baby.


D.I.Y.: Be inspired by Driver’s gathering and serve lemonade and a fruit tart. Purchase plain white onesies and fabric markers for each guest to create a personalized outfit for the newborn to wear. Ask each guest to bring a picture of them with the mom-to-be so they can personalize a page in a scrapbook. On each page, guests can write messages to “introduce” themselves to the baby, and then share a funny memory they have of the mom-to-be or any new mom advice or tips.