4 Tips For Hosting The Ultimate Super Bowl Party

Throwing an A-list party doesn't come naturally to everyone. But for entertainer and caterer extraordinaire  Mary Giuliani, primo parties are what it is all about.

"I love to mix fun and stunning," she says of her style. And it shows. After all, her client list includes The Rolling Stones, Bradley Cooper, Matt Damon, Jerry & Jessica Seinfeld, Stella McCartney, Fendi, Carolina Herrera and a ton of high-end companies.

Lucky for us, Giuliani is simply passionate about good food and great hospitality. With the Super Bowl Right around the corner, Giuliani dropped by The Daily Meal offices to chat about game-day tips that will get your guests in the team spirit! Check out her suggestions here:

1. Always Premake
The Super Bowl is a less 'precious' event. You have to remember: calories don't count today! So premake your food as much as possible so you can get back to watching the game.

2. Be Playful
You want to give your guests a chance to get their hands dirty. You want to think about serving comfort food on a DIY bar, so everyone can graze as they see fit during the game.

3. Don't Take It Seriously
You want to make sur eyou have fun with this party! For decor, you want fun and functional. A galvanized tub, mini grills to use as decor or to keep food warm are all simple things you can do to make your tailgate festive.

4. Get Inspired by the Team
You want to not only use team colors in your decor, you want use them as inspiration for your food! Give a nod to the team's hometown with authentic regional dishes. And if you aren't a fan of either team? Give a nod to New York  where the Super Bowl is being held this year!