4 Great Seafood Spots in Los Angeles

Making it easy to find delicious seafood in L.A.
Flickr/Andrew Scrivani
Steamed lobster

Flickr/Andrew Scrivani

Los Angeles is known for many things — great Mexican food, hyper-health consciousness, a multitude of sushi options. What locals know (and visitors should know) is how easy it is to find fresh and delicious seafood, as well. From the ocean to downtown L.A., the seafood in L.A. is as consistent as it is innovative. We asked a few in-the-know Los Angeles-based food-lovers for their favorite seafood spots and here’s what we found out.

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Cuisine: California/Seafood

Location: Hollywood

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(Photo courtesy of Flickr/Muy Yum)

Water Grill

Cuisine: Classic seafood

Location: Downtown L.A.

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(Photo courtesy of Flickr/Andrew Scrivani)

Blue Plate Oysterette

Cuisine: Seafood/Raw bar

Location: Santa Monica

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(Photo courtesy of Flickr/Muy Yum)

Best Fish Taco in Ensenada

Cuisine: Mexican/Seafood

Location: Los Feliz

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(Photo courtesy of Flickr/revrev)