Word of Mouth: Jay Weston's Best of LA

Get tips on the best dining and nightlife in LA from restaurant writer Jay Weston

Actor turned food writer Jay Weston gives his picks for great spots in L.A.

Brunch: Le Petit Four 

Fancy: The Four Seasons

Best Value: Hoboken

Bar Scene/Drinks: Peninsula Bar

Business Lunch: The Grill on the Alley 

Burger: The Burger Kitchen 

Pizza: Vito Pizza

Sandwich: Langer's

Food Truck: Kogi (but I hate them)

Hidden Gem: Le Petit Four

Mexican/Latin-American: Red O

Japanese: Matsuhisa

Thai/Southeast Asian: Talesai

Chinese: Hop Woo

Seafood: Providence

Steak: The Palm

Italian: Angelini Vicenti

Indian: Bombay Cafe