4 Eco-Friendly Decoration Ideas For Spring

Spring is the season of renewal and also a time when we should be reminded of the beauty in our planet.

We should take steps to protect it for future generations and recycle. One of the best ways to recycle is to repurpose items you already have in your home that you are not using.

Embracing this idea, here are a few great ideas for green spring decorating:

• Seed Packet Favors: Who doesn't like to receive a gift at your dish when you're sitting down to eat at the table? Make those wishes come true and spread environmentally friendly ideals, too. These make fantastic favors for weddings and housewarming gifts as well.

• Recycled Placemats: Make mats and decorations out of recycled cardboard and cover with other recycled materials, like colorful cereal boxes for a vintage look.

• Egg Carton Flowers: Cut and paint egg cartons and form them into flowers.

• Bird Cage Centerpiece: Fill a bird cage with flowers and use it for the center of your table.

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Jennifer Barnum is author for Maine Cottage Furniture, and she enjoys writing about home decorating tips and ideas.