4 Buttery, Spicy, and Clever April Fools' Day Pranks


April Fools' Day is just around the corner. Who are your victims this year and what are your strategies?

Perhaps you want to get back at your friend for pulling a prank on you last year or maybe you’re just the prankster of the group. Whatever your stance, ranked from the least to most difficult, here are some food prank ideas better than toothpaste Oreos.

1. Buttery cheese. Be extra careful and unwrap a stick of butter. Cut a block of cheese the same size as butter. Rewrap the cheese with the butter’s wrapping paper and put it back in the fridge. The next time your victim cooks, he or she will be wildly confused why the fire alarm went off (burnt cheese). You can always offer to scrub the pan to make up for the prank — or not.

2. Garlic cake pops. There is something better than caramel onions — garlic cake pops! Remember Blow Pops? What if you bite into a piece of garlic instead of bubble gum? I recently took a cake pop class and thought of this idea. This is the best prank for a couple. Would they still want to kiss after their breath smells like garlic? I don’t think so.

3. Wasabi dumplings. Replace pork with wasabi in a couple of dumplings. Cook wasabi dumplings in a separate pot and mix them with regular pork dumplings before serving them to your family. Get your camera ready because someone’s face is about to turn green… I mean red!

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4. Thai tomato sauce. Do you have a spoiled younger sibling who just waits around for dinner? Tongue-burning Sriracha spaghetti cures laziness. Simply replace tomato sauce with the hot chile sauce when making spaghetti. To double the effect, have a glass of salt water ready for your sibling to cool his or her tongue.