365 Days of Sunshine End Free Food Deal in Arizona

‘Sunniest town in the nation’ finishes free meal deal without serving a bite

The town of Yuma, Ariz. completed a full year without having to honor its year-long promotion that would let travelers dine for free if the sun didn’t shine. Hotel guests would have received $10 vouchers good for a meal on the same day that the sun didn’t shine.

Yuma created the deal to celebrate the town’s 100th anniversary and further prove it is the sunniest in the nation; Yuma currently holds the Guinness Book of World Record for being the sunniest place, averaging 350 days of sunshine a year, according to ABC News.

While visitors may be disappointed they didn’t get free meals, the town looks at the deal as a win-win scenario. If the sun hadn’t shined, visitors would have been rewarded with free meals, but since the sun shined, travelers got to enjoy the nice weather.

Ryan Cousins is a Junior Writer for The Daily Meal.  Follow him on Twitter @ourcuzreborn.