Best Halloween Party Treats for Kids

Spooktacular pumpkin pop-tarts, eyeball soup, and more

Spider Crackers are a fun way to spookify a kid's staple

Halloween may be all about candy, but if you're throwing a party for your kids you'll need more than sweets. Yes, these 13 creepy cakes will be showstoppers, but you can't send kids on a walking excursion without a proper meal.

We've rounded up the best kid-friendly party snacks for the upcoming festivities, adorably themed and not too scary. Yes, most of these are sweet, but there's also a savory soup with broomstick garlic bread.

Click through for more kid-friendly recipes, then boogie down to — what else? — MJ's "Thriller." — Jenn Gimbel


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This article was originally published October 25, 2011.