3 Whimsical Spring Home Décor Ideas

Spring designs go hand and hand with fun and whimsy. Using birds, eggs, rabbits, and flowers — things that represent the season — you can create an atmosphere in a fun way that will bring you and your guests joy while eating.

From placemats to centerpieces, your simple dinner table can transform into a welcoming and vibrant space.

• Fake Grass Placemats: Not just for front doors anymore. Use grass door mats or rug material and cut into placemat size for a unique and eye-catching table. Add bright plates with bold prints to add a pop of color.

• Ribbon Vase: Create an exciting and fun centerpiece when you give your vase a new look by wrapping ribbons around it.

• Peeps Centerpiece: Peeps are not just for kids, at least not when they make such an adorable centerpiece when they're all together. Click here  to learn how to make your own peeps at home!

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Jennifer Barnum is author for Maine Cottage Furniture, and she enjoys writing about home decorating tips and ideas.