3 Truffle Festivals To Kick Off 2012

Ok, so we are supposed to start the new year with reflection, dieting, and not indulging. But what better way to make sure a year starts off right than by breathing in the familiar, to-die-for scent of a truffle? It's not like those savory little truffles are really going to damage those resolutions, anyway.  

Napa Truffle Festival (Jan.13-16): The American Truffle Company hosts its second annual Napa Truffle Festival, with experts, scientists, chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants, and acclaimed food writers coming together for a few glorious days of truffle discussions and demonstrations. The event focuses on black, Périgord truffles, which will be examined to their very last detail before (finally) being included in all meals and snacks throughout the weekend. One of

(Photo courtesy of Flickr/Sirsnapsalot)

Oregon Truffle Festival (Jan. 27-29): Native Oregon truffles are a huge source of pride for locals, and the Oregon Truffle Festival is one of the year's most anticipated truffle events. Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners held by acclaimed chefs and local truffle experts are accompanied by a truffle hunting adventure (complete with truffle dog of course), a recipe contest, a cooking class, winery tours, and the chance to buy truffles of your own at the Oregon Truffle Marketplace. It's a true gourmand weekend.

National Truffle Fest (Feb. 23-25): Held in Asheville, N.C., the National Truffle Fest celebrates the Périgord, Bianchetti, and Oregon truffles (black and white) all in one go. There are, as one might expect, truffle and wine dinners, cocktail seminars, a truffle risotto cook-off with acclaimed chefs like Tyler Brown and Cynthia Wong, and a seminar that delves deep into what truffles really are and why they're so special.