3 Tofu for Tailgating Recipes

Enjoy healthy recipes that will keep your family happy come tailgate time
House Foods America

Tofu mango black bean salsa is great for dipping and for packing on the family tailgate!

With football season around the corner, people are going to make some bad food choices. They’re going to load up on barbecue, beer, and greasy finger foods — which is totally fine and completely encouraged every once in a while. But if you are a family that tailgates every weekend, burgers and beer aren’t the best choices for your body. You may be surprised to learn that a healthy and equally crowd-pleasing substitute can be found in tofu, especially with what House Foods America has done with it.

By including tofu and reducing the amount of sour cream or cream cheese, families can enjoy a satisfying dip with half the fat and extra protein to keep you fueled for the game.

For nutritious tailgating recipes, try the Tuscan tofu, white bean, and garlic dip, prepared by celebrity chefs Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos for an easy party dip;  tofu and walnut lettuce cups for fun finger foods that are full of flavor; or a tofu mango black bean salsa for a healthy twist on the traditional snack.
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