3 Things Chef David Burke Needs for Outdoor Dining

In the heat of the summer, the New York City chef can’t do without these 3 recipes

Just like tomato and mozzarella is an evergreen summer dish, I have three recipes that I stick to when I’m cooking outdoors in the summer, like at my weekly Swine & Dine pork roast hosted every Sunday at my restaurant David Burke Kitchen in New York City. First is something that’s essential to ward off pests, and I mean real pests. The second is something to cool me down (because we all need it when dining outdoors during the summer) and help me relax, and the third and last is a dish that is the perfect celebration of summer to me: corn. Enjoy these three recipes and I’m sure they’ll become a part of your summer routine, too, and be sure to follow these tips on fighting the pests when outdoor dining:

It’s a pain, but be sure to keep everything wrapped tightly when you’re not using it. Bugs are quick on the draw and will be all over your food in seconds, if it's not properly covered.

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Keep sweet items such as fruit inside and only serve them when they’re ready. This will not only protect your food, but it’ll also keep those pesky bugs away from attacking you.

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When grilling and/or cooking, be sure to keep all sticky items away. These ingredients usually draw the bugs to the area. A simple tip is to keep the BBQ brush and sauce in a container with a lid.

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Be sure to keep lots of paper towels and buckets of water to clean areas that have any spills. 


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