Three Foods to Eat After a Workout

Reward yourself with these post-workout healthy snacks

One great post-workout snack is Greek yogurt, which can easily be dressed up with various fruits, honey, and granola.

You’ve just finished a great workout. You feel energized, like you’re on top of the world, and closer to achieving your dream body. But to keep up that energy and sense of accomplishment, try tese post-workout snacks.once you go home, this all slowly goes away once you spot some food and begin to notice how hungry you are.

All nutritionists will tell you that it’s important to eat right after a workout, but what foods are best? Some foods will help you digest and work towards recovering your body, while others will have the opposite effect.

Here are three healthy snacks for after your workout:

For those with a sweet tooth, try some sweet chocolate milk. It will help your muscles recover as well as hydrate your body from sweating and any dehydration. Fitness Magazine said, “Cyclists, swimmers, or long-distance runners need high levels of calories, carbs, and protein to sustain that level of performance.” And it’s lab tested and approved. A cyclist biked until depletion, would drink chocolate milk, and continue throughout the cycle. It was proven to be “an incredibly effective recovery drink.”  You can make your own chocolate milk, substituting the milk with various types and take it in a thermos for on-the-go sipping.

All nuts are great for your health at any time of the day—especially after a workout . They can easily be dressed up in some Greek yogurt or cottage cheese, as Yahoo suggests. With a lower amount of sugar, you are more likely to stay fuller longer. Greek yogurt in particular is a great substitute for regular yogurt, with less fat, sodium, and sugar. Cottage cheese on the other hand is also the same, but has a higher protein and calcium level. They both work to slow down and improve digestion. Feel free to and some dried nuts for extra sweetness. Click here for some recipes by Food and Wine.

Although it may sound like a lot, eating half a sandwich after your workout will keep you fuller longer. It gives you the amount of carbohydrates and protein your body needs to gain after a workout. Together these two will allow your stomach to take a longer time to digest, keeping you away from those unnecessary calories. If you are hungry again, opt for one of the options above instead of another meal. Suggested sandwiches are a tuna or turkey and cheese on whole wheat. 


These simple tips will help change the way you feel after working out, better for you both in the long and short run of things.