3 DIY Quick & Easy Pumpkin Activities

There’s no other better way to get back into the fall with some fun pumpkin activities

The October Issue for Food Network Magazine will have these DIY pumpkin decorating activities and more.

Food Network Magazine has shared with us some great pumpkin decorating ideas using candy. It is great way to get the kids excited for trick-or-treating and bring seasonal fun to . Use these fun decorations as a centerpiece for your next dinner party to show off what you’ve made. 

Sweet Teet

What You’ll Need

·      Toothpicks

·      Candy of choice

·      Gumdrops of marshmallows

·      Licorice

Use a knife to carve out a crescent shape for the mouth. With a skewer any candy you’d like with a toothpick. Place these at the end of the pumpkin’s mouth. For the eyes, you need two pieces of gumdrops or marshmallows cut in half. To give the pumpkin some pupils, make a hole in the center of the eye and fill it with licorice or Nibs.

Mad Scientist Pumpkin

What You’ll Need

·      Cotton candy

·      Small tufts

·      Royal icing

·      2 chocolate sandwich cookies

·      M&M’s

·      Peanuts

·      Black licorice

Every mad scientist needs crazy hair, right? To create the look, put the small tufts on the sides of the pumpkin. Pull apart the cotton candy and attach it on the tufts using royal icing. Then for the facial features, paste some royal icing on the peanuts for the ears and nose and some on the red and black licorice for the eyeglass rims.

Aliens Pumpkin

What You’ll Need

·      Gumballs

·      Edible marker

·      Sour belt candy

·      Royal icing

·      Sour watermelon patches

·      Sour apple or peach rings

·      Two lollipops


To give it some crazy eyes, carve out eye holes and replace them with gumballs. With an edible marker, draw the pupils on the eyes. For the eyelids, shape the sour belt candy and use royal icing to place them on top of the eyes. For the rest of the face, add two sour watermelon patches for the eyes and a sour ring for the face. To top it all off, push two lollipops on the top of the pumpkin for the antennas.