This $3 Bowl Sold For $2.2 Million

Something marvelous happened at New York auction house Sotheby's on Tuesday. A bowl, which was once purchased by a New York family in 2007 at a garage sale for a mere $3, sold for $2.2 million  at yesterday's auction, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Chinese bowl isn't your average garage sale find. It's so ancient in fact that it dates from the Northern Song Dynasty and was estimated to sell at anywhere from $200,00o to $300,000 — but a whopping final bid by London dealer Giuseppe Eskenazi sealed it's pricey fate.

At 5 inches in diameter, the bowl is ivory and features carvings on both the inside and outside. The auction house claimed that it's part of "Ding" ware, which is noted for its thin potting and ivory shade.

There is only one known other bowl like it and it's housed in the British Museum in London.

So, who wants to go vintage and antique shopping now?