25 Date Nights at Home

Spend a great night with your better half in the comfort of your own home

Take a cue from any one of these original and fun dates!

In this age of $15 cocktails and 20-course tasting menus, date night can quickly turn into a spending spree, and many are looking for more affordable alternatives to a fancy night out.

Here's a guide to creating fun dates in the comfort of your own home.

Any engaged couple will tell you that the period before your wedding is a time to pinch pennies; in order to save up for the big day, the honeymoon, and all of the postnuptial bliss that lies ahead, it may be necessary to hold onto spare cash a little tighter than usual.

On the flip side, those in a new relationship may be looking to impress someone new with a cozy night in — perhaps proving their cooking chops.

No matter if you’ve been dating for two weeks or have been together for 40 years, staying in for a night is a fantastic (and inexpensive) substitute for a night on the town, so we’ve compiled a list of at-home dates that are perfect for any couple, at any age, at any time.


Also, it’s freezing out, so we’re totally keen on the idea of staying in — who’s with us?