25 Best Holiday Party Drinks

Just a week ago, we rounded up 25 favorite party appetizersselected based on the most searched for and sought-after recipes on the Web. We showed you how you can turn a dip like spinach and artichoke into a fan favorite by serving it hot or cold, and how you can transform lettuce cup appetizers into a fun DIY bar. But a snazzy menu isn't the only thing that makes a holiday party a success — it is the drinks, too!

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Hosting a holiday party is an art form. You aren't simply inviting guests over; you are creating an experience. From the centerpieces to the linens, your party should be an expression of you. That being said, making decisions for a party isn't always clear-cut. Do you put out the china or use your everyday flatware? Should you make a signature cocktail or just serve a simple drink? And, most importantly, what will you serve?

To make sure that you party is a total success, we used the same methodology as we did for our list of favorite appetizers to bring you the most popular drinks guests want to sip at your party. From the familiar margarita to the more obscure Vesper cocktail, these drinks will make you look like a master mixologist. Now that you can wow guests with both delicious food and beautifully boozy drinks, you will surely be dubbed the "host or hostess with the mostest." You can thank us later.