The 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies in Recipes

We’re celebrating England at The Daily Meal with these delicious British recipes
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Opening Ceremonies in Recipes

The Olympics have arrived! The opening ceremony is, for many of us, our favorite part of the festivities, because it's the commencement of events, and each one is unique and intricately planned. This year, we’re excited to see what the talented and award-winning director Danny Boyle whips up. With an expected audience expected of 60,000 in Hyde Park tonight, we're sure the ceremony will be full of exciting and exhilarating spectacles.

While we know we’re in for some surprises, word on the street is that tonight’s event will be a celebration of Britain’s history, and what better way for us here at The Daily Meal to reminisce about the nation across the pond than by pondering our favorite British recipes, new and old. We had a pretty good time brainstorming these, and we hope you enjoy making them as much as we did.

Chef Cathal Armstrong's Minced Pies Recipe

"We make minced pies as a family every year. The kids love making them with their dad! They are easy to freeze, keep handy, and share with visitors. The other..."

- Meshelle and Cathal Armstrong


Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

"Rumor has it that years back in the 1960s, a British gentleman stepped into an Indian restaurant and returned his order of chicken tikka, complaining that it was undercooked. Tired of his customer's rants, the chef opened a can of tomato soup, threw in some cream and cooked the tikka in the sauce. Ironically, the dish became so popular in England that in 2001, it was declared England's national dish..."

- Prerna Singh

Apple Charlotte Recipe

"If this recipe seems dated, it's because it was written in 1861, adapted from Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management, then an authoritative guide..."


- Will Budiaman, Editor

Viking Fish & Chips Recipe

"Chef Kevin Thiele created this delicious recipe that uses a flavor-packed batter that can honestly be eaten alone it's that good. The batter below can also..."

- Yasmin Fahr, Special Contributor





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