20 New Year's Food And Drink Traditions Around The World

Before the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1, people everywhere ring in the new year with celebratory food and drinks alongside family and friends. How we celebrate, though, depends on where in the world we are on the last day of the year because New Year's traditions differ from country to country. But no matter where it's celebrated, New Year's is always welcomed with traditional food and drink.

20 New Year's Food and Drink Traditions Around the World (Slideshow)

Here in the United States, the beginning of a new year is celebrated with champagne toasts at midnight. In Estonia, it's traditional to eat seven, nine, or 12 meals on New Year's Eve, with part of each meal left unfinished for the spirits of ancestors who visit the house that day. 

Germans celebrate the new year with jam-filled donuts and a mulled wine drink called feuerzangenbowle. And people in Scotland participate in the tradition of "first footing" on New Year's Day, bringing gifts of shortbread, a black bun, and whisky to a neighbor's house.

However you celebrate, there are plenty of ways to say "Happy New Year!" with food and drink. Read on to see New Year's food and drink traditions around the world, from Argentina to Japan to Wales.

Haley WIllard is The Daily Meal's assistant editor. Follow her on Twitter @haleywillrd.