2-Ingredient Recipe Entertaining Lifesavers

It's an entertainer's worst nightmare — you receive a last-minute call from close friends or family, informing you that they're in town and will be stopping by for a visit within a few hours. Sure, we suppose you could simply supply them with just your company, but a true host provides prime hospitality, and that includes delicious food!

2-Ingredient Entertaining Lifesavers Slideshow

For moments like these when you're short on groceries, time, and preparation, here are 15 two-ingredient recipes for last-minute brunch, appetizer, main course, and dessert demands, depending on the occasion.

So whether you need to serve brunch to an early-morning crowd or a sinful dessert to late-night party-goers, you will have a simple dish in your back pocket ready to serve and satisfy guests, requiring little effort and stress to prepare. Your guests will have no idea how simple these recipes were to prepare, nor how few ingredients it took to make them. They'll enjoy their food, and you'll enjoy the lack of stress.

Check out this slideshow and see what only two ingredients can do for you!