2 Easy Juice Recipes to Get You Through the Week

A red and green juice to kick-start your week

Recovering from a weekend of one too many slices of pizza, one too many beers, and one too many Bloody Marys (we hope)? At least you can get juicing at the beginning of the week to make up for the food sins of the weekend. 

Friedman's Lunch in Chelsea Market, in the heart of Manhattan, knows how to entice us with refreshing juices and lemonades during the warner months. They've shared their recipes for two of the hottest (or coldest?) juices of the year: green juice and beet juice. Green juices continue to be all the rage, while beet juices are making the rounds, thanks to the root vegetable's newfound health benefits. All of the juices produced by press'd for Friedman's Lunch are unpasteurized and cold-pressed using the Norwalk Juicer. The Norwalk Press allows the juice to be created without denaturing nutrients and enzymes that are abundant in raw fruits and vegetables.

Simply add these fruits and veggies to your juicer, and get cranking on some fresh-pressed juices for the week — it'll taste almost as good as that Saturday night pizza, really. Click ahead for the recipes: 

Spring Greens Juice Recipe

Upbeet Juice Recipe


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