16 Adorable Dog-Themed Cakes

These cakes are so cute you’ll wish you had a tail to wag
Pink Cake Box

Don't pet the cake by mistake!

Ask any dog owner and they'll tell you they can never get enough of their dog. In fact, every puppy parent counts down the minutes to the next couch snuggles or wet kisses when they walk in the door. When a dog enters a human’s life, they leave a mark, and we want to include them in every part of our lives that we can. And for some, that means including them in their celebrations in a slightly unconventional way.

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A popular request floating around cake artists' bake shops is the construction of a cake that will pay proper homage to pooches. The result is a challenging baking session that results in a truly remarkable work of art. Bakers are finding ways to masterfully sculpt and depict dogs in an even more delicious way than nature ever intended. 

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People are using their beloved furry friends to help celebrate occasions ranging from birthdays to weddings. So skip the trip to the puppy store to get your cuteness fix. All you have to do is run through our slideshow of adorable dog cakes to get your fill of the most adorable confections you’ll ever come across!