The Wood Chips You Definitely Need For Grilling Fish And Veggies

Are you on the hunt for a new way to add extra flavor to your favorite summertime fare? Next to grilling the perfect cheeseburger and chicken wings, fish and vegetables are worth preparing over an open flame. While you might already know how to grill fish with ease, wood chips impart additional flavor to your next fish and vegetable platter. Adding a handful of wood chips to your gas or charcoal grill elevates the flavor of your favorite meals with an added touch of wood smoke. Thanks to some useful advice from California-based Brazilian Grill Master, Silvio Correa, there are certain wood chips that are better suited to add mild flavor to fish and vegetables than others.

When grilling fish specifically, Correa recommends alder or fruitwood chips. According to the seasoned chef, "alder wood chips are known for their light, delicate smoke." The aroma and subtle taste of this milder wood variety won't alter the intrinsic flavors of your favorite fish. Alternatively, Correa believes "fruitwoods add a gentle sweetness to the fish's natural taste without overwhelming it." Not all wood chips are meant to dominate your palate. With mindful selection, Correa asserts specific wood chips varieties can effectively enhance your next grill-friendly fish and vegetable dinner. Luckily, if you're after a multi-purpose wood chip that simultaneously upgrades the flavor of both fish and fresh produce, Correa stands by fruitwood varieties.

Use fruitwood chips to give grilled fish and vegetables a noticeable flavor upgrade

With his Los Angeles-based catering company and personal in-house services, Chef Silvio Correa has learned how to use wood chips to develop the underlying flavors of perfectly grilled food. Correa suggests using alder wood chips for grilled fish like salmon and trout, and fruitwood chips for vegetables and other kinds of fish. Yet, which specific varieties work best?

According to the grill master, "milder woods like apple, cherry, or maple are best when grilling vegetables." While both apple and cherry wood chips have a noticeable sweetness, cherry wood has an additional hint of tart flavor that you might prefer for a bit of contrast. Whichever variety of fruitwood you use when grilling, fruitwood chips' sweet aroma and lighter essence add nuanced complexity to your next meal.

When it comes to grilling, don't stress too much about choosing the right type of fruitwood. Your tastebuds will rarely be able to distinguish between varieties due to the extra seasoning added to your food. For the best grilled fish and vegetables, choose from a variety of fruitwood chips to give your next summer meal a mildly sweet yet smoky upgrade.