This Is How Many Mimosas You'll Get From One Bottle Of Champagne

You know the drill. It's time for weekend brunch and you're in charge of setting up the Mimosa station for you and your friends. But when gathering together all of your necessities, it's important to know just how much of each ingredient you're going to need. So, how many Mimosas will you get from a single bottle of Champagne? Generally speaking, the average bottle of Champagne contains 750 milliliters of bubbly. 

Depending on how much juice (or lack thereof) you like in your Mimosa, one bottle should generate between six and eight glasses of the popular brunch cocktail. Of course, ratios for Mimosas can vary depending on how strong you enjoy your bubbly beverage. Some experts recommend a ratio of 2 parts Champagne to 1 part orange juice, while others suggest a 3:1 ratio. This can sway the number of glasses you get out of your bottle of sparkling wine. 

Tips to ensure the best Mimosas

It's important to keep in mind all of the different preferences people have when it comes to cocktails. Some people might just want a single splash of OJ in their Mimosa, while others may prefer a 50/50 split. To make sure that there's enough Champagne to go around no matter how much bubbly some people consume, stock up with more than you think you might need. Also, be sure to keep your Champagne and juice on ice because Mimosas should be served perfectly chilled without the need to add in any cubes. 

When serving Mimosas, it's best to pour in your Champagne first, with your flute held at a slight angle (this will keep your drink from bubbling over). Then, you can add in your desired amount of juice. Also, it should go without saying, but Mimosas are a cocktail that should simply be stirred and never, ever shaken (thanks for the tip, James Bond). Because Champagne has carbonation, it's important to handle the liquid carefully to avoid any unwanted eruptions.

Do you need Champagne to make a Mimosa?

While the standard practice for creating a Mimosa uses both orange juice and Champagne, if you can't get your hands on a bottle in time, there are definitely other options that will garner you equally tasty results. If you don't have Champagne at your house, any other dry sparkling wine will do. In fact, many people prefer Champagne's cousin, Prosecco, in their morning cocktail. Plus, Prosecco is typically cheaper than your average bottle of Champagne.

Other options include Cava and Cremant, both of which are also types of sparkling wine. Always look for dry or brut options for a less sweet flavor profile in order to balance out the sugars from the OJ. And when sourcing these other sparkling beverages, keep in mind how many milliliters are in a bottle and the rule of thumb for how many Mimosas they'll be able to produce. No one wants a glass full of orange juice when a Mimosa is an option!