The Ideal Ratio You Need To Know For Making A Mimosa

When it comes to making mimosas, there isn't a precise recipe you have to follow to get the drink right. There's a reason restaurants will often provide drinkers with a bottle of sparkling wine and a carafe of orange juice and let patrons mix drinks themselves — it's easy.

Mimosas are also a very personal drink. Some folks like theirs to be primarily OJ with just a splash of bubbles, while others prefer the other option — a glass of sparkling wine with just a splash of OJ for color.

Prosecco tends to be a go-to for the drink, given its comparably low price tag compared to other bubbles, but you can make the drink with any sparkling wine, including high-end champagne if you like. You can break out some non-alcoholic bubbles for a family-friendly version and get a similar effect.

Even though there's no specific OJ to bubbles ratio you have to follow to make a great mimosa, there are some guidelines you can use to create the perfect mimosa every time.

The perfect mimosa ratio

According to Southern Living, the ideal sparkling wine to orange juice ratio for a mimosa is 1:1. It says that a true half-and-half split of OJ to bubbles, specifically 2.5 ounces of each, tends to be the best crowd-pleaser.

If you're looking for a more bubbles-forward cocktail, it suggests a 2:1 ratio with double the sparkling wine. Likewise, if you prefer a low-ABV drink, you can go with two parts of orange juice and one part of sparkling wine.

While that's an excellent place to start, the magazine's suggestion isn't an opinion shared by everyone. Insider suggests a 3 to 1 ratio of sparkling wine to juice in a mimosa instead. According to the site, "the ratio keeps the drink effervescent while allowing the flavor and acidity of the orange juice to shine."

And most folks, even those with opinions on the perfect ratio to try, acknowledge that, in the end, a mimosa is a fairly personal drink. If you're unsure what proportion to try for guests, the best solution might be to pop open a bottle of bubbles and let your guests mix up their own.

Try a mimosa bar

One easy way to ensure everyone gets a perfectly made perfectly for them is to let them make the drink themselves, and what better way to make your mimosa than through a mimosa bar?

Exactly what it sounds like, a mimosa bar is an easy way to offer your brunch guests a choice regarding their drink while simultaneously cutting down on the amount of work you have to put into that drink.

You'll want to put out some OJ and sparkling wine for a mimosa bar, but you can also spice things up by offering other juice options such as grapefruit, pineapple, watermelon, or mango. If you're making your own mimosa bar, you also might want to provide a few garnishes, like cut oranges or strawberries.

And for talking those mimosas up a notch, you might also want to offer some spirits that can be added to the drink for an extra kick. Triple-sec, in particular, can be a great add-on and enhance the orange flavor of your juice. You can also try vodka, rum, or even whisky.

The key to the perfect mimosa is to make it your own — it will be delicious.