McDonald's Potential New Value Meal Could Mean Even Cheaper Fast Food

Fast food joints have been in some hot water recently over rising prices, and rumor has it that McDonald's may be trying to change their image with a new affordable meal option. A source told CBS MoneyWatch that McDonald's is considering adding a $5 meal option to menus nationwide after noticing customer backlash over high rates. The source shared that the meal may consist of "a choice of either a McChicken, a McDouble or four-piece chicken nuggets as well as fries and a drink." McDonald's prices may vary drastically depending on the location, but one thing that customers all over the United States can confirm is how quickly the fast food chain has hiked up their prices to almost unreasonable heights.


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But before fans get too excited over the possibility of a reasonably priced McDonald's meal, nothing has officially been agreed upon between McDonald's corporation and individual location owners, making the $5 meal merely speculation at the time of publication. Former McDonald's corporate chef and TikToker Mike Horacz responded to the $5 McDonald's meal rumors, claiming that franchise owners may not be happy about the loss in profit over a potential new value meal, as they have been "steering away from value" menu items in recent years. Fans who are tired of spending a significant chunk of change at a fast food joint that was once considered a cheap dining option expressed frustration in the comments, with one user writing, "Theyve [sic] had a 75 year run. Time to move on."

McDonald's has gotten majorly more expensive

The cost of food at McDonald's has dramatically increased in recent years to the point where many customers are rethinking trips to the drive thru. Data reported by FinanceBuzz found that McDonald's prices have increased 100% from 2014 to 2024, more than double the rate of inflation. What used to cost customers $1 is now priced at $3 at many locations. People on Reddit have been very vocal about their frustration and are beginning to look elsewhere for affordable fast-food options. One user wrote, "A Big Mac extra value meal is $10 is [sic] So Cal. I'm not lovin' it." Another claimed, "It doesn't make sense" that the same quality and quantity of food that cost less than $5 not too long ago is now almost triple the price, even with inflation factored in.

The possible release (or re-release, rather) of more cost-effective meals may be due to slower foot traffic at McDonald's locations. According to CBS News, the company is aware that prices may need to decrease in order to encourage even loyal customers to return to the fast food chain. While a $5 meal will provide a more affordable option for customers, the chain may also want to consider a revamp of the McDonald's value menu featuring fan-favorite items priced at $1, $2, and $3 in order to drum up more excitement and inclusion for people of all income levels.