The Trader Joe's Breakfast Finds You Need In Your Cart This Spring

If you're shopping at Trader Joe's this spring, there are two new items that you can enjoy for your first meal of the day. Both the Raspberry Croissant Carré and Strawberry Overnight Oats have joined the grocery chain's other breakfast offerings, including Trader Joe's brand cereals, its Starbucks-dupe egg bites, and the viral hashbrowns that shoppers have enjoyed in endless ways. So what makes these two new morning treats worthy of your cart?

When you bite into a croissant, you're met with its buttery and flaky texture. While plain ones can be great, many people would consider "jam packing" the dough with sugary fruit filling to be an upgrade, and that's exactly what you'll get with the Raspberry Croissant Carré. Its filling balances sweetness and acidity, thanks to the flavors imparted by a mix of raspberry jam and lemon juice.

Rolled oats have a very mild taste, which is why combining them with other ingredients helps to make them more exciting. Such is the case with the Strawberry Overnight Oats, which are rolled grains blended with a coconut milk-like drink and three different strawberry-based ingredients to create a bright and fruity cup of oats. They're meant to be a light (albeit pretty filling) breakfast.

Both breakfast items are relatively affordable: You can purchase the Raspberry Croissant Carré for $5.99 and individual cups of the rolled oats for $1.99. So far, they also seem to be pretty popular among TJ's shoppers.

Trader Joe's shoppers are showing love for the Raspberry Croissant Carré

The Raspberry Croissant Carré has already been finding its way into the hands of Trader Joe's customers, and those folks have taken to social media to sing its delicious praises. In a Reddit thread titled "Don't sleep on the Raspberry Croissant Carré," several users commented on what makes the taste and texture of this breakfast item so great.

The jammy layer in the middle of the dough seems to offer a perfect touch of tangy fruit flavor, as one Redditor shared, "I love the raspberry filling because it has just the right amount of tartness to it." That filling is also balanced by the dough, as another user posted, "The raspberry filling (which I affectionately refer to as "goo") is deliciously tart and the flaky croissant crust is a perfect textural compliment."

Not only is the Raspberry Croissant Carré apparently tasty, but it also looks to be pretty simple and easy to make. Trader Joe's suggests heating it up in your oven for around five minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and you're all set to enjoy it for the most important meal of the day.

Shoppers are also highlighting the Strawberry Overnight Oats

A number of Trader Joe's shoppers who've tried the Strawberry Overnight Oats have shared their enthusiasm for the breakfast treat online. One user on X, formerly known as Twitter, affirmed, "yall the Trader Joe's strawberry overnight oats are so good." Another person posted a TikTok where they tried the oats and declared, "It's so good. It's like strawberries and cream. Oh my goodness, delicious. Try it out."

If you're unfamiliar with the brand's line of overnight oats, there are plenty of ways that TJ's customers like to enjoy them that you can also try with this special springtime edition of the product. Redditors have mentioned adding banana slices to their oats or drizzling peanut butter on top (almond butter would also work) to lend their breakfast some densely creamy nuttiness. Some shoppers recommended eating them cold, noting that they're great for warmer weather, while others pointed out that the oats can be heated, but they have a tendency to firm up.

If you're looking for a simple, tasty, and budget-friendly breakfast pastry or a quick morning snack made for spring, both the Raspberry Croissant Carré and Strawberry Overnight Oats certainly fit the bill. Especially given what Trader Joe's fans have said, it's understandable that you might want them in your cart.