11 Trader Joe's Brand Cereals, Ranked

Trader Joe's fans are a loyal group of shoppers. From breakfast cereals to frozen meals, several of the items you come across at Trader Joe's are unique and not available anywhere else. So, shoppers who frequent this grocery store have developed quite a few opinions over the years, making it pretty easy to find out what products are worth buying and which ones are worth skipping.

While you may be familiar with many of the store's items, there might be some things you didn't know about Trader Joe's products, like the fact that it sells one-of-a-kind private-label goods. Even so, the actual items you can buy are not very out of the ordinary — for example, if you do need a box of cereal for your pantry, you will have plenty of familiar options to choose from. Like other brands, some Trader Joe's cereals are on the healthier side, while others are all about taste and indulgence. So, the next time you go searching for cereals at Trader Joe's, keep these options in mind.

11. High Fiber O's Cereal

Breakfast is often considered to be the most important meal of the day, and Trader Joe's has a few different kinds of cereals that customers can choose if they want to optimize their morning meal. One of those choices is the Organic High Fiber O's Cereal, loaded with, you guessed it, a ton of fiber in each serving. But while the cereal does not come with as many added sugars as some of its tastier counterparts, it sacrifices a bit of flavor that leaves much to be desired.

However, there is an audience for every cereal flavor and a group of Trader Joe's shoppers that enjoy its Organic High Fiber O's Cereal. One Redditor pointed out that they like their bowl of this particular kind of cereal "with silk milk and fresh strawberries." And while we are all for making your own fruit-infused cereal parfait, we also like to see cereals that can stand alone, flavor-wise, without the assistance of other ingredients.

10. Joe's O's

If you have eaten a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast, you won't have to stretch your imagination too far to picture what a bowl of Joe's O's Cereal would taste like. Fortified with lots of whole grains and fiber in each bite, Trader Joe's shoppers of all ages can enjoy this cereal. But does that hold up when customers take to the internet to voice their opinions? As it turns out, something is not adding up.

In the last couple of years, fans have noticed a change in flavor and texture that apparently has not been for the better. One Redditor was "horrified by how different they are," and another pointed out that Trader Joe's now had "the worst store brand generic cardboard cereal imaginable." The image on the cereal box suggests that adding some fruit to your bowl of Joe's O's might make a difference. But if you need to add fruit to make a cereal appetizing, is it worth purchasing in the first place? Perhaps you would be better off trying a different cereal from Trader Joe's, but there is no denying that the 33 grams of whole grains and 4 grams of fiber per serving are a solid way to start your morning.

9. Crispy Rice Cereal

Rice Krispies cereal is not the only noisy, crackling breakfast food on the market. As it turns out, Trader Joe's has its own version of the classic cereal, aptly called Crispy Rice Cereal. A little back story on this one: The cereal was popular for a long time under the name Crisp Rice Cereal. For unknown reasons, that version was discontinued, and it also got a name change to Crispy Rice Cereal. Fans of the first version have taken to Reddit in recent years to voice their concerns over the switch, which they claim has impacted the taste.

The discussions online seem to indicate that fans of the original version of the cereal are not happy, with one Redditor criticizing the grocery store by saying, "companies shouldn't change things that worked for the sake of change." When it comes to the Crispy Rice Cereal, many shoppers seem to claim that it was not broken, yet Trader Joe's chose to fix it. Another fan took to Trader Joe's Reviews, stating that the Crispy Rice Cereal "tastes like bioengineered food," which we are pretty sure is not a compliment. Based on what we've read online, we think this option is better left on the shelves. 

8. Organic Raisin Bran Clusters Cereal

Any brand of Raisin Bran cereal is going to be a polarizing breakfast, largely hinging on whether or not you are a fan of raisins. And with a box full of raisins finding their way into your cereal bowl, you either love it or hate it. So, Trader Joe's Raisin Bran Clusters Cereal appropriately falls right in the middle of our ranking for this exact reason. For every one person out there who would gladly eat a bowl for breakfast every morning, another person is waiting in the wings with their list of reasons why they would rather eat anything else.

For fans of the Raisin Bran Clusters Cereal, however, there appears to be a reason to feel skeptical of Trader Joe's. One Redditor commented how it used to be their go-to favorite, only to find an organic variety in place of the former "regular" flavor. According to this particular shopper, the organic "bran flakes taste like metal." Yikes. This could have been due to a potential change in suppliers, which frequent shoppers can pick up on relatively quickly when it comes to their all-time favorite products. 

7. Crunchy Almond Butter Puffs Cereal

A very popular item from Trader Joe's is its Almond Butter Puffs Cereal, which you would think would be a runaway hit when adopted into other various grocery items. But when it was taken and transformed into a crunchy cereal called Crunchy Almond Butter Puffs Cereal, however, most shoppers were not impressed.

One fan took to Reddit and said that it "taste[s] like disappointment," while another shopper was much more condemning, comparing the cereal to dry dog food. However, not all Trader Joe's shoppers are as critical of the cereal. Another Reddit user noted that they liked the cereal quite a bit, adding that "the key is to let them soak in milk for 5 minutes before eating." We are not quite sure if soaking cereal for several minutes should be a prerequisite for enjoying it, but it does appear that there is an audience out there for the Almond Butter Puffs Cereal.

6. Crunchy Cinnamon Squares

If you love cereal, cinnamon, and starting your day on a sugary note, then Cinnamon Toast Crunch is likely one of your go-to cereal choices. And if you're a loyal Trader Joe's shopper, then there is a Crunchy Cinnamon Squares alternative to appease your sweet tooth. However, some customers have noticed that the taste does not seem to be as sweet as its counterpart — one Redditor noted that they eat this as a pre-workout meal or snack since "it feels 'healthier' than normal cereal."

There is some debate over whether or not cereal is actually a healthy way to start your day. However, it's probably safe to say that "healthy" is not the first term that comes to mind when thinking of any sugary cereals like these. Some customers have pointed out, though, that the Crunchy Cinnamon Squares feels a bit less guilt-ridden than other sweet cereal options. On the same Reddit thread, another shopper shared that their "kids have never had Cinnamon Toast Crunch," but "they are loving" the Trader Joe's variety. As a final word of encouragement, one Redditor highlighted that they are often disappointed by the private-label cereals found at Trader Joe's, "but this one is pretty decent."

5. Honey O's

For anyone looking for a little more flavor in their bowl of cereal than the blander option that is Joe's O's, there is a sweeter option you can try. This is another cereal that got a slight name change, from Honey Nut O's to Honey O's — luckily, the taste remained just as delicious. As you might suspect, the Joe's O's vs. Honey O's comparison is akin to Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios — same concept, different flavor. According to the Trader Joe's website, the Honey O's is essentially an enhanced, "wonderfully nutritious," and more flavorful version of the Joe's O's. This option is just sweet and healthy enough to start your day off on the right foot.

Customers seem to enjoy the flavor as much as they do the nutritional benefits. One Redditor admitted that the Honey O's was one of their favorite Trader Joe's cereals, while another mentioned that the Honey O's was one of the cereals exclusive to Trader Joe's that they preferred more than most other flavors. If the decision comes down between Joe's O's and Honey O's, the consensus among frequent shoppers appears to be the latter.

4. Strawberry Yogurt O's

If you want your cereal to come with its own bold flavor without the need to throw in any added ingredients, then look no further than the Strawberry Yogurt O's. This tasty cereal option comes packaged with freeze-dried strawberries and yogurt chunks for a breakfast that comes full of flavor as well as a variety of textures. The cereal is guilt-free, too, since Trader Joe's claims it is made without any preservatives.

Several shoppers took to Influentser as well to show their support for the cereal, with one customer noting that "it is a really good flavorful cereal but not too sweet." However, the cereal is not without its critics, and one Redditor noted that they "thought they were bland and boring to eat." Overall, however, the Strawberry Yogurt O's seem to be a solid choice if you like strawberries but are out of fresh ones to add or you are not looking to go through the hassle of slicing and adding them to your cereal bowl.

3. Joe-Joe's Granola Cookies & Creme

If there is anything that Trader Joe's customers can rally behind collectively, it appears to be its granola. Specifically, the granola cereals are what fans cannot seem to get enough of. Many granola-based cereals also remain as top picks when it comes to favorite cereals for Trader Joe's shoppers. The Joe-Joe's Granola Cookies & Creme takes everything that customers like from the signature Joe-Joe's cookies — think Oreos, but if they were sold by Trader Joe's — and puts it into granola form.

What's Good at Trader Joe's had plenty to say about this granola, both in terms of its flavor and texture. The addition of the granola's coconut oil was a standout flavor, and the thought that there was "just the right amount of chocolate amped up by the little choco-bits strewn about." Essentially, if you are looking for several Oreo cookies in a bowl with milk, consider Joe-Joe's Granola Cookies & Creme for your next breakfast of choice.

2. Trader Joe's Just the Clusters Vanilla Almond Granola

There are all kinds of vanilla and almond-flavored granola out there on the market, and Trader Joe's is certainly not playing around with its option. The Just the Clusters Vanilla Almond Granola Cereal comes with everything you would expect from a vanilla and almond variety. Plenty of customers rave about this brand in particular and cannot seem to get enough of it.

The cereal takes "just the clusters” from the grocery store's Vanilla Almond Cereal. One Redditor simply wanted to ask, "why doesn't anyone talk about how good this is?" And another asked if anyone had "trouble not finishing the box in a day?" One user noted that the Vanilla Almond Granola was not valued enough, clearly marking it as one of the top finds from Trader Joe's customers. After all, who better to trust than those that consistently make their grocery runs at Trader Joe's? 

If vanilla is not your flavor of choice, the store also offers a highly-rated chocolate version of its Just the Clusters granola. They are both Trader Joe's staples that you should be able to find readily available each time you go on a grocery run.

1. Maple Pecan Clusters Cereal

If there is anything Trader Joe's fans can rally behind, it is the grocery store's wide array of fall-themed products. According to a Reddit thread, around the end of September, the grocery store releases several highly-anticipated autumn items, from frozen meals to jarred sauces. But you don't have to wait until Trader Joe's shelves turn into a fall frenzy — you can stock up on the Maple Pecan Clusters Cereal as your cravings hit.

According to the Trader Joe's website, the cereal includes a couple of different kinds of flakes along with pecan-flavored clusters that have been "rolled in maple syrup." Like the other cluster cereals that the store sells, fans cannot get enough of this maple pecan variety. But what makes this flavor stand out among the rest is the autumnal maple and pecan flavors — it is basically fall in a bowl. One Redditor shared that the Maple Pecan Clusters Cereal was their all-time favorite cereal item at Trader Joe's, while another said that they think the cereal is "absolutely delightful." We were hard-pressed to find anything negative about this particular flavor online, and seeing how into all things fall flavors shoppers seem to be — sometimes, even in the summer — it is surely a top choice on many grocery lists.