The Panera Drink Hack That Gets You More Bang For Your Buck

Panera ranks among the nation's healthiest chain establishments thanks to its selection of wholesome menu items. The restaurant also offers substantial beverage offerings including soda, as well as many varieties of iced tea, lemonade, and coffee. When you're dining at Panera and feeling particularly parched, you may be tempted to order the largest size of beverage they offer. However, it's possible to quench your thirst while still ordering a small (and thus saving yourself some money). Thanks to Panera's generous free refill policy, customers can replenish their drinks numerous times.

Keep in mind that this hack will only work with beverages you can access from the self-serve station when dining in-store. Other types of beverages, such as the restaurant's charged lemonades, must be ordered from the counter via a Panera staff member. In the event you want unlimited portions of these and other Panera drinks, you'll need to go a different route.

How to get unlimited drinks at Panera

Being a member of the Unlimited Sip Club definitely has its privileges. For a monthly fee, club members can enjoy Panera's extensive drink selection, including charged drinks, iced and hot coffee, iced and hot tea, lemonade, and fountain drinks. Keep in mind that certain beverages are excluded, and this includes espresso-based drinks and cold brew.

Membership will run you $11.99 per month, so it's probably best for people who find themselves dining at the chain at least a few times per week. Additionally, members don't necessarily have unfettered access to the drinks of their choosing. While select beverages of all sizes are included in the promotion, you must wait at least two hours before ordering a new drink. However, one major perk is that you can leave the store and come back and still be able to enjoy a free drink. On the other hand, customers taking advantage of the small-size free refill hack don't have that privilege.

Are there any restrictions on free refills?

Inquiring minds on Reddit are thirsty for knowledge, particularly when it comes to Panera's free refill policy. While Unlimited Sip Club members must wait at least two hours for their new beverages, customers taking advantage of the self-serve beverage stations can apparently refill their drinks to their heart's content. As one commenter asserted, "For any customer that's dining in, refills are free at any time."

Another Redditor highlighted where customers might run into some issues with their free refills. "Dine in customers have refills as long as they're in the building, if you leave and come back hours later with the same cup they probably won't like that," explained the person, which shows the limits of Panera's generosity. Also, it's not possible for a customer to receive a new beverage for free, just a refill of their current drink. Unlimited Sip Club members can receive new drinks for free, provided enough time has elapsed. Free refills and unlimited sips are just two nice perks you get along with Panera's vast assortment of sandwiches.