150 Foods Worth Traveling For

You may be able to find these dishes worldwide, but nothing compares to trying them at the source

Dal bhat, or steamed rice with a lentil soup, is a traditional Nepalese dish.

150 Foods Worth Traveling For: South America

Spanning the entire continent, this leg of our roundup includes many meat-centric dishes and traditions from the region, including Argentina's parrillada and Brazil's feijoada. Lighter dishes, including Peru's ceviche, are included here, too, alongside potentially less familiar selections that generally incorporate rich grains and a variety of beans.

Argentina: Parrillada

Brazil: Feijoada

Chile: Empanadas

Chile: Pastel de Choclo

Colombia: Bandeja Paisa

Grenada: Oil Down

Guyana: Guyana Pepperpot

Paraguay: Sopa Paraguaya

Peru: Ceviche

Uruguay: Asado


Venezuela: Pabellon Criollo