150 Foods Worth Traveling For

You may be able to find these dishes worldwide, but nothing compares to trying them at the source

Dal bhat, or steamed rice with a lentil soup, is a traditional Nepalese dish.

150 Foods Worth Traveling For: Africa and Middle East

Our journey through the world’s most iconic dishes begins in the Middle East and Africa. Some of the dishes in this area maybe be more familiar to you than others (hummus versus poulet nyembwe, for example), with names that you may or may not be able to pronounce. Ranging from origins in Algeria to Yemen, the majority of these dishes in our list are rich with with pungent spices, hearty grains, and stewed vegetables.

Algeria: Merguez

Angola: Muamba de Galinha

Armenia: Harissa

Cameroon: Ndole

Cape Verde: Cachupa

Egypt: Falafel

Egypt: Ful Medames

Ethiopia: Kifto

Eritrea: Lamb Zigini with Injera

Gabon: Poulet Nyembwe

Iran: Chelow Kebab

Israel: Hummus

Jordan: Mansaf

Kazakhstan: Beshbarmak

Kuwait: Machboos

Lebanon: Kibbeh

Lebanon: Tabbouleh

Madagascar: Romazava

Morocco: Tagine

Morocco: Pastilla

Pakistan: Biryani

Pakistan: Nihari

Saudi Arabia: Kabsa

Senegal: Thieboudienne

South Afirca: Bobotie

Tunisia: Couscous

Turkey: Doner Kebab

Turkmenistan: Palaw

Uganda: Matoke

Yemen: Saltah

To see our foods worth traveling for in Asia and the Pacific, check out the next page.

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You have certainly drunk the Koolaid if you believe that NZ invented the pavlova. Plenty of proof that it is from Oz.

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