15 Knockout Wedding Cakes From Around The World

Though the stress of planning a wedding might be universal, the traditions that come along with it are not. In many countries, brides and their soon-to-be mother-in-laws may still argue, couples can still spend months planning the event, and arrangements can backfire at the last minute. No matter how common some wedding experiences may be though, many people ultimately celebrate by reenacting their culture's particular tradition.  

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These differences carry over into traditional foods at certain international weddings, and especially the wedding cake (or at least a food that serves a similar purpose). While many might think that the bride is the main attraction at a wedding, we believe the cake can be just as important!

Some countries in Europe have warmed up to the idea of American wedding cakes, complete with stereotypical bride and groom figurines, but there are still many places that hold fast to their classic traditions. In Britain, for example, newlyweds dine on a fruitcake, while in France, the newlyweds feast on a croquembouche, which is not so much of a cake as it is a decadent tower of cream puffs.

No matter your preference or your own tradition, these sweet treats are a great way to see how others celebrate a happy union. Check out the slideshow to see more!