9 Racy Oyster Names

Considering the off-color names some of them sport, it's no wonder these bivalves are known as aphrodisiacs
9 Racy Oyster Names
Wikimedia Commons/Chris 73


• Canada Cups So it's not a DD. And maybe in reality there's no such thing, but at the end of the day, Canada Cups are size CC. (Photo courtesy Flickr_NickDawson)

• Shinnecock According to The Oyster Guide, "The Shinnecock Indians of Long Island grew oysters by capturing the free-swimming larvae on branches they placed in Shinnecock Bay.... Today, the Shinnecock are again raising oysters in their bay, just south of Southampton." That doesn't change my inner 12-year-old's reaction to this oyster's name.


• Effinghams These are taken from the waters of Effingham Inlet in (Gnarls) Barkley Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Apologies to Cee Lo Green.

There are at least five more completely X-rated oysters that I can think of, but I'd like my editor to keep his day job.