7 Most Inappropriate Restaurant Names

At these eateries, the title says it all

Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively were spotted this week, according to Page 6, eating lunch side by side at Pink Taco, an upscale Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. The thing that sucks about Pink Taco, aside from its somehow chauvinist name, is that they recently painted a donkey pink in a publicity stunt that got them a lot of negative attention from animal lovers. But what do you expect from a restaurant with a title like that? Don't answer, it's rhetorical. The question we did want answered was what other offensive restaurant names are out there. These are a few of our favorites; some are good enough to make Pink Taco blush...

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1. Mother Clucker's
Iroquois, Ontario

2. A&K Lick-a-Chick
Bras d'Or, Nova Scotia

3. Dirty Dick's Crab House
Nag's Head, NC

4. Hooters
Every. where.

5. Big Pecker's Bar & Grill
Ocean City, MD

6. Thai Me Up
New York, New York

7. Hung Far Low
Portland, OR

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WillowWind's picture

Dirty Dicks Crab House in Nags Head, NC - Been there (many, many times). LOVE the food, but best thing is their t-shirt ...

"I got Crabs from Dirty Dicks, Nags Head, NC"

WillowWind's picture

You can't complain if your mind went to the subconsciousness gutter like the person who named the place. I love the ingenuity and creativity of the restaurant owners!


there is a restaurant in San Francisco Ca. called THE SQUAT AND GOBBLE


KING DONG in Berkeley, California

SalemCat's picture

There are many Chinese Restaurants named LUNG FUNG, which to me sounds more like a disease.


My Chinese/Italian Restaurant is going to be called " Ciao Mein "


What about " Dick Liquor " the wine shop around the corner from my house.

Rob Maher's picture

Suck, Bang Blow.
Murrellls Inlet S.C.
Suck, bang, blow is an old mechanics term describing how an internal combustion engine runs. Pull your bike in the bar and put your front wheel up against the bar while your back tire spins, smokes and spits rubber on everyone in the room. fn drunken mayhem....

parmo1's picture

It sounds EXTREMELY inappropriate, but the more that you read about "Van Gogh is Bipolar" restaurant in Manila, Philippines, the more that you understand. It is actually one of the top places to eat in the city !

peteyma's picture

In Kilkenny, MN, there is a bar called The Liqour Hole. There was another called The Happy Snapper, but that one burned down a few years ago... There is also another in a town nearby called The Thirsty Beaver.

rbilleaud's picture

I suppose Weasel Asses didn't make the list.


There is a Chinese rest in Jacksonville Florida *FU KING REST*
another one in Washington District named * HO LEE CHOW*


Huh, I was going to open a low calorie restaurant featuring Mexican and Chinese food called Juan Hung Low's. Guess I'll have to take THAT back to the drawing board, eh?

Athena's picture

It's closed now, but there used to be a Chinese carry-out in Tucson, AZ called Wang in the Box. I still have a Yellow-page listing from and old phone book.


Minneapolis used to have a place called Puke and Snot.


Thai place in Huntsville, Al named Phuket.


Phuket is the name of a province in Vietnam.

ecmerrel's picture

Actually it is a city in Thailand on the Andaman Sea coast. And the H is silent. Well, actually it gives a breathiness to the P sound, but it is not pronounced like an F.

kmad71's picture

I like eating pho noodle soup at the Vietnamese restaurant "What the Pho?" in Duluth, GA plus I get a laugh every time I drive by it :).


Why don't you knock that huge chip off your shoulder and come back when you've written something interesting and relevant.

oh zee's picture

In French Lick, Indiana there is a Liquor store called French Liquors....I found that highly perverted and funny as hell...their logo on their sign is of a mouth with the tongue hanging down (looks like licking)

kmad71's picture

There's a liquor store in Peabody, MA called Bunghole Liquors...pretty clever and hilarious if you ask me. I'm sure their signage turns a lot of heads when people drive by :)

Fedesha's picture

In Inverness, Scotland there used to be a Spanish restaurant called La Cucaracha Feliz (=The Happy Cockroach). For some reason it closed down a few years ago.

gadaloff's picture

Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, when I last visited in 2005, had a "Pearl Harbour Sushi Bar". Anyone requiring proof, I'll be happy to pot the two pics I took, including of the menu...!


There are two Asian restaurants in my neighborhood, in Canton, OH, which have always made me wonder. Hang Yuen Kitchen sounds a bit dangerous, and Suk Ho Thai makes me wonder about all the sauces.


Bangang, Cameroun: The Hygienic Restaurant. No joke!


How is the name "Pink Taco" chauvinistic? It isn't. It's in poor taste and suggestive, but it is not chauvinistic.


How about the "Fuzzy Taco"? I eat there regularly, in various cities.

ChaosTX's picture

"The Bearded Clam" in Kimberling City, MO.


Inappropriate? There is a bar in Japan, called "Soul Fuck Try". No idea what it means, but English speakers probably find it inappropriate...

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