14 Best Poolside Bars In Las Vegas Ranked, According To Yelp Reviews

People visit Las Vegas for a variety of reasons. Some wish to gamble in the world's most famous casinos. Others visit the city to attend conventions. Regardless of why they come to visit, most guests find time to relax and there's no better place to unwind than at one of the city's poolside bars.

In recent years, Las Vegas has gained a reputation as one of the United States' food and drink capitals. Like most things in Vegas, the development of the city's food and drink industry has been both rapid and dramatic. Now, nearly all of the city's hotels are taking the sector more seriously than ever, especially with beverages, as Tony Abou-Ganim, ex-property mixologist at the Bellagio, explained to Imbibe Magazine: "When I was hired as the property mixologist, that position never existed before—someone just for education and development. Now, pretty much every hotel has someone in that role."

One result of Las Vegas' focus on food and drink has been a general uptick in the quality of the city's bars, even those that sit poolside. We have taken it upon ourselves to discover which of the city's poolside bars are the best. After scouring Yelp, we have put together a ranking of the 14 best poolside bars in Las Vegas.

14. Mandalay Bay: Beach Bar & Grill

Mandalay Bay is an extensive casino resort that's been open since 1999. The resort is best known for the Mandalay Bay Beach, an 11.5-acre area that features a 1.6-million-gallon wave pool and beaches made from 2,700 tons of imported sand.

Located just by Mandalay Beach is Mandalay Bay Beach Bar & Grill. This establishment serves both food and drinks in a laid-back atmosphere. The bar's tranquility is no doubt aided by the impressive selection of drinks Mandalay Bay Beach Bar & Grill serves. Cocktails are both fresh and frozen, and a range of domestic, imported, and craft beer, as well as a small collection of canned wines and hard seltzers, are all available. Food options include sushi, breakfast bowls, and burgers.

Despite the broad menu, Mandalay Bay Beach Bar & Grill has an overall rating of three stars on Yelp. Most customers find the food and drinks to be passable, albeit overpriced, as one review on Yelp indicates: "The food is cheap but the prices are not. Still... nothing beats the convenience. Food was Eh. Service was really good [...] I would come again but only because I need to eat before going to the pool."

13. MGM Grand: Cabana Grill

MGM Grand's Grand Pool Complex is a 6.5-acre space that features four separate pools. Nestled amongst these is Cabana Grill, a poolside bar and restaurant designed to meet swimmers' every need. As with most of Las Vegas' poolside bars, Cabana Grill focuses on cocktails both fresh and frozen. Retailing at $18 for a 12-ounce beverage, these cocktails are much cheaper than similar offerings sold at the more party-minded poolside bars found elsewhere in the city. Domestic and imported beers are also available.

While Yelp reviewers seem appreciative of Cabana Grill's beverage selection, most are underwhelmed by its food. Overpriced, low-quality meals are the norm at Cabana Grill, as one person noted on Yelp: "The food is below cafeteria food at an expensive price. We got a burger and turkey sandwich (pre-made) which ran You 20$ each. The best part of our meal was the chip bag that we received." As a result of the food, Cabana Grill only has an overall Yelp rating of 3.3 stars, making it one of the lowest-rated poolside bars on our list.

12. MGM Grand: Wet Republic

Wet Republic is one of several enormous pool-club hybrids located in Las Vegas. These establishments routinely host day parties and, at 54,500 square feet, Wet Republic is big enough for everyone to have room to dance. DJs play regularly at this adults-only venue; this is not the spot for grabbing a quiet drink.

Wet Republic features several pools and cabanas, but only one public bar. This makes it extremely difficult for those who have not purchased VIP packages — and their associated service benefits — to get drinks. This was reflected by a review on Yelp: "We all had hella fun but that place is waaaaaay too big just to have 1 bar!! They need to add two more. The bar scene was so bad that the club got 3 stars." Other reviews mentioned the bar's pricing with one customer claiming they spent $68 on a single Long Island iced tea

High prices and long queues are nobody's idea of fun, so, unsurprisingly, Wet Republic has an average Yelp rating of 3.4 stars. While 3.4 is not a terrible rating, plenty of other poolside bars in Las Vegas have better scores.

11. The Cosmopolitan: Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub

Located at The Cosmopolitan, Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub is a 22,000-square-foot, multilevel club that features several pools. A large portion of the club, including some of the pools, is situated on a rooftop. In the colder months, this entire rooftop is enclosed by the Marquee Dome which maintains summertime temperatures throughout the year. Even in the dead of winter, the pools stay a perfect 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Several bars are located near the pools of this year-round venue. At each of the bars, you can order a variety of dishes, including sushi, pizza, and even oysters. Cocktails take center stage on the beverage menu. An extensive bottle menu includes many different types of vodka and Champagne packages designed for high rollers.

An investigation by Inside Edition took samples from the pools at Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub. After testing, it was reported that this water contained a large amount of fecal bacteria including E. coli. The lack of cleanliness is reflected elsewhere in the club and is one of the reasons why it has been criticized by people on Yelp. This, when combined with the bar's high prices, and the crowding that often occurs during peak times, has led to Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub only achieving a Yelp rating of 3.4 after nearly 2,500 reviews.

10. Resorts World: Agave Bar & Grill

Unlike many other poolside bars, Agave Bar & Grill — which sits poolside at Resorts World — serves several wines by the glass. The majority of these are made in the U.S., including two sparkling wines. An impressive number of beers are available on draft, including the likes of Kona Big Wave and Elysian Space Dust IPA. A range of familiar cocktails round out the beverage menu, although Agave Bar & Grill often adds unique ingredients to traditional pours creating fresh takes on classics and creating drinks like the Verbena Sbagliato.

Agave Bar & Grill claims to serve coastal cuisine, but as is often the case at poolside bars, the food is disappointing. Many Yelp reviewers claim their dishes were unpalatable at worst and bland at best. Instances of food being overcooked are common and portions are anything but generous. That being said, several reviews do celebrate the bar staff who are polite and efficient, and the beverages which are deemed well-balanced.

9. Red Rock: Sandbar Grille

Sandbar Grille is the poolside bar at Red Rock, a resort that's located about 20 minutes away from the Strip. Unlike many other poolside bars in Las Vegas, Sandbar Grille is just as celebrated for food as it is for beverages. This is thanks to an array of dishes that have fresh, high-quality ingredients at their core, including poke bowls, ceviche, and several different salads. The following five-star Yelp review indicates just how good Sandbar Grille's food is: "Pool bars aren't known for the highest quality food. They usually serve frozen premade stuff but Sandbar is refreshingly different. I was there recently and had some fabulous, healthy food."

Sandbar Grille's focus on quality ingredients extends to the drinks menu. Cocktails are made with premium spirits including Casamigos tequila and Mount Gay rum. High-end bottles, such as Dom Pérignon champagne, are also available.

Sandbar Grille's overall rating on Yelp is only 3.2 out of a possible five. However, the resort underwent an extensive renovation in 2022, and since this time, reviews of the bar have been overwhelmingly positive. All of this indicates that Sandbar Grille is much better than the overall rating suggests.

8. Four Seasons: Pool Bar

The Four Seasons is a non-gaming hotel located inside the Mandalay Bay resort at the southern end of the Strip. Fitted out with its own pool, entrance, and lobby, the Four Seasons is much quieter and more relaxed than Mandalay Bay, as one reviewer highlighted on Yelp: "No thumping loud music here. The servers at the bar were very efficient and attentive. The nice part about staying here is if you do want the day party pool atmosphere or a casino and more restaurant options you are attached to Mandalay Bay."

As the review mentions, the Pool Bar at the Four Seasons benefits from the resort's calm, relaxed atmosphere. Drinks are made with care and wait times are noticeably shorter than at other poolside bars in Las Vegas. This calmer atmosphere also allows staff to be more creative with their offerings; the drinks menu is compact but inventive, including rarely-seen beverages such as a cherry negroni and a spicy take on a margarita. Beer is also sold, but there are no wines or spirits listed on the menu. The Pool Bar's food menu is also on the smaller side. Again, quality makes up for lack of choice with salads, poke bowls, and tacos all being well-executed.

7. Wynn: XS

XS is a club located in Wynn Las Vegas that's half indoor and half outdoor. The outdoor section features a large pool and a similarly sized poolside bar. As befits a nightclub bar, the poolside bar at XS stocks a huge range of premium bottles including the likes of Patrón, Woodford Reserve, and Grey Goose. Mixed drinks made with these spirits cost $30 each. Most customers feel that this price is to be expected given the club's reputation.

XS routinely hosts world-famous DJs and, as a result, the inside portion of the club can become extremely crowded. This is when the outside section, complete with a pool and poolside bar, comes into its own. One reviewer wrote on Yelp: "The inside gets really crowded and there's not a lot of room close to the stage. But outside is absolutely beautiful and they have a gorgeous pool, great drinks, and the sound system is awesome." What's more, other guests claim those around the pool still have an excellent view of the DJ making the bar at XS one of the most exciting poolside bars in the entire city.

6. The Venetian: Spritz Restaurant & Bar

Spritz Restaurant & Bar is located on the Venetian's pool deck and offers a relaxed, chic atmosphere thanks to a tasteful design rich in mosaics and drapes. The calm atmosphere is aided by the fact that only guests staying at The Venetian can frequent Spritz. As a result, overcrowding rarely occurs.

Unlike many other poolside bars, Spritz offers healthier food options, especially during the breakfast service when smoothies and freshly pressed juices infused with spices such as turmeric are available. The menu's healthy dishes are one of the bar's main attractions as this Yelp review indicates: "This place was incredible! The food was all fresh, organic, and the healthy options were endless. Plus the portions were decent and the taste was superb!"

Although designed for the health-conscious, Spritz is still a bar that boasts an extensive drinks menu. The highlights include a frozen espresso martini, glasses of sangria, and spiked versions of classic Dole whip. All options are refreshing and suit the poolside ambiance perfectly as do a selection of beer, wine, and hard seltzer. With an overall Yelp rating of 3.7, many customers prefer to start their day at Spritz Restaurant & Bar. Next time you're in Vegas, maybe you should too.

5. Circa: Stadium Swim

If bigger is better, then nowhere can compete with Circa Las Vegas' Stadium Swim. This 4,000-capacity establishment boasts six pools over three different tiers, all of which have a great view of the 143-foot screen that broadcasts the day's biggest sporting events. Live odds are also broadcast, transforming the establishment into a giant, outdoor sportsbook.

Stadium Swim boasts a huge poolside bar that serves a large variety of drinks, which range from a magnum of Clase Azul tequila costing over $1,500 to a 32-ounce banana-flavored mojito. The fact these drinks can be enjoyed in the pool while watching a variety of sports makes Stadium Swim's poolside bar incredibly unique.

There are two main drawbacks to Stadium Swim and its poolside bar. The first is the long queue that forms at the bar; only customers who rent cabanas or sit in the establishment's reserved areas get bottle service, meaning thousands of guests have to wait in line for prolonged periods. The other negative is the almost complete lack of shade at Stadium Swim which can make it insufferably hot during the summer months. For these reasons, Stadium Swim only has a Yelp rating of 3.7, despite boasting the most singular poolside bar experience in Las Vegas.

4. Topgolf: Hideaway Pool

Topgolf Las Vegas is split over four floors. The upper two are for adults only and it is on the third level where you'll find The Hideaway Pool. This pool is open to anyone over the age of 21, even if they are not booked to play any golf, and boasts a swim-up bar from which customers can order drinks. The menu is typical of many bars, featuring a range of draft beers and cocktails. The bar also stocks a number of wines from prestigious wineries including Duckhorn Vineyards and Trinity Oaks.

There are several tables located near both the pool and bar where guests can enjoy their food. This is standard bar fare and includes nachos, chicken wings, and tacos. Although it's nothing too exciting, previous guests have been impressed with the food's quality as exemplified by the following Yelp review: "We ordered the miso salmon bowl, Mac and Cheese bites, a couple of burgers and the strawberry shortcake for dessert! [...] It's not fine dining by any stretch but all the dishes we had were tasty and satisfying."

3. Caesars Palace: Fortuna Bar

Caesars Palace is known for being one of the most luxurious resorts in Las Vegas and this decadence is on full display in the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis. This complex is home to seven different pool experiences, one of which is the Fortuna Pool. The Fortuna Pool boasts five swim-up blackjack tables giving customers the rare opportunity to play while partially submerged. As an added bonus, those playing receive complimentary beverages.

Those who aren't playing can enjoy a drink from the nearby Fortuna Bar. This poolside spot serves an array of cocktails and beers. All are of excellent quality as was highlighted by the following Yelp review: "All the drinks tasted great. We got the strawberry lemonade vodka, Miami vice (super strong), and strawberry margarita. Also a non alcoholic dole whip, my personal favorite." Unfortunately, the drinks do not come cheap. Previous customers report spending $10 per beer and at least $20 on cocktails. However, most guests feel this is a price worth paying to enjoy such a luxurious poolside bar.

2. Golden Nugget: The Hideout Bar

Towards the top of our list is The Hideout Bar, which sits along The Hideout, an adults-only area on the third level of the Golden Nugget's pool complex. This poolside bar serves a great variety of beverages, including a selection of cocktails crafted with celebrity-owned spirits. These include the likes of the Rock's Ranch Water made with Teremana Tequila, and Kendall Jenner's Mango Margarita which spotlights her tequila brand, 818.

While the drinks — and lack of children — bring many people to The Hideout Bar, customers stay because of the exceptional customer service. This was demonstrated by a review left on Yelp: "What makes the Hideout Pool so great for me is the service. I got great service when I was there last year and this time around was no exception. One of the servers even remembered me from last year." The Hideout Bar experience is completed by great music which is played live by DJs.

1. Bellagio: Pool Café and Bar

The Pool Café and Bar at the Bellagio is the highest-rated poolside bar on our list, with a Yelp rating of 4.4. It is also one of Las Vegas' hidden gems, offering a serene dining experience right by the resort's pools. Best visited in the morning, Pool Café and Bar offers a range of dishes including a breakfast sandwich, avocado toast, and eggs benedict. The simple nature of these dishes, and their excellent execution, makes them a rarity in Las Vegas where volume and speed often usurp quality and finesse. When the latter is found, it is worth celebrating as one Yelp review highlighted: "For the most part, it is well prepared and a little less institutionalized than other choices in this hotel. This is the only place at the Bellagio and one of the few on the strip that I would recommend for breakfast."

Coffee, teas, juices, and sodas are all available at the Pool Café and Bar, however, many guests will be enticed by the establishment's alcoholic drinks. These include the bar's notorious poolside cocktails which come in either a 16 or 24-ounce serving. The menu leans toward classics, such as bloody Marys and Mojitos. Frozen drinks are also available.

How we chose the bars

We selected the bars by referring to Yelp reviews. Only poolside bars with an overall rating of 3.0 or higher were included. The order of the bars took into account the overall rating but also factored in how the bar had been reviewed recently. If there was a plethora of positive recent reviews, the poolside bar was sometimes ranked higher than those with a better overall rating.