A Fan-Favorite Costco Frozen Fish Stick Just Got The Ill-Fated Asterisk

There are plenty of facts you should know about Costco's price tags, and one of the most important ones of all is that dreaded asterisk. Costco shoppers know that the starry symbol on an item's price tag means that the item will likely be discontinued, either for a season or for good. Such is the unfortunate case with The Ultimate Fish Sticks at one Costco store in the mountain west of the United States. One Costco shopper took to Reddit to share the disappointing news in a post called "Trident fish sticks have the star of death in Superior, Colorado."

These precooked, panko-breaded frozen fish sticks can be baked in the oven, deep-fried, microwaved, or air-fried. Trident, the maker of The Ultimate Fish Sticks, encourages buyers to nestle them in tacos or simply serve them with french fries. While no official statement has been made by this particular Costco location in Colorado, the warehouse store's documented history of discontinuing items with an asterisk on their price tags has sealed the fate of these seafaring delights in the minds of some Costco shoppers. Understandably, Redditors who can't get enough of these sticks had plenty to say about the item's potential discontinuation at Costco.

Trident Fish Sticks fans are sad about the Costco asterisk

One Redditor shared that if the fish sticks aren't restocked at Costco, it would be a significant loss for his family. "I've been feeding my 5 year old these for the last 4 years," user FindSal commented. "It would be a real shame if these went..." Other commenters on the post, particularly those with children, echoed that disappointment. "These things are 42% of my 4 year olds protein intake," another person wrote.

There is seemingly no indication that these popular fish sticks will be discontinued at any other Costco locations in the U.S., which means only those in Superior, Colorado may have to find a comparable fish stick alternative. However, if you know all of the possibilities of what an asterisk on a Costco price tag actually means, then you're aware that this symbol appearing on the price tag of these particular fish sticks may actually mean a much less severe fate than what some are fearing. Some items at Costco that have asterisks on their price tags are simply undergoing a packaging change and nothing more. However, only time will tell what happens to The Ultimate Fish Sticks in Superior, Colorado.