When It Comes To Cocktail Straws, Are You Supposed To Sip Or Stir?

Whether you're basking in the sunny poolside ambiance, indulging in a night out at a restaurant, or simply unwinding solo, there's nothing quite like boosting your mood with a delightful, refreshing cocktail. From a Southside to a Hanky Panky, or even a classic PiƱa Colada to a simple Mojito, there's so many types of cocktails to choose from. Once you carefully select your night's refreshment, you wait until the cold glass graces your hand. All that's left to do is look suave and drink it. But before you put your drink to your lips, you're poked by the cocktail straw. You think to yourself, "Oh, that's right. I'm supposed to use this, aren't I?"

So, there are you, winging it as usual, changing it up between sipping and stirring, hoping not to draw too much attention. Each sip of your drink takes you further out of your company's conversation and deeper into the uncomfortable question that remains: What do you use a cocktail straw for? They're always included but there's never any set of directions. No one ever tells you and you'll never consume enough liquid courage to simply ask, "Do you use a cocktail straw to sip or stir?" Thankfully, there is an answer, and it includes both.

The use of your cocktail straw will depend on the occasion

You'll start to enjoy seeing that cocktail straw bobbing in your drink once you figure out its recommended usage. It all comes down to the occasion. If you're at an elegant location, such as a five-star restaurant, or invited to a formal event where dressing up is key, you'll want to use your cocktail straw as a stirrer. Your bartender or server handing you a crystal glass is a sure sign that you'll use that little sucker in your drink for stirring. Briskly move it about the glass, tossing around your rocks, making sure the alcoholic content is as mixed in as possible. The more elite the event, the more work you'll do. It'll seem you've actually volunteered yourself as a bartender's assistant, finishing off the job yourself.

Now, if you're in a pub, a bar, at the beach house, or in the backyard, you can use your cocktail straw as your sipping device. Let your hair down and drink freely. No need to feel bashful about drinking from your straw. You'll find yourself enjoying your conversations much more, even carrying them, as you put yourself at ease, knowing you're not the odd person who doesn't use their cocktail straw appropriately. When you see someone who doesn't understand the rules, don't point and laugh, nor should you reprimand them. Just simply look them in the eye as you use your cocktail straw, and hopefully they'll catch on.

Cocktails for the holidays

As the holidays roll in, you may find yourself in formal gatherings or low-key groups to celebrate. While you'll be very keen on how to use your cocktail straw, you may be left wondering what would be the best drinks to order. Holidays from October to December are a loud call for cranberries. A delicious Cranberry Ginger Fizz will make you a go-getter, leading the way and modestly demonstrating your expertise in drink curation. You'll love the taste of the ginger ale as it makes a sharp introduction to your lips. You'll enjoy the bittersweet mix of the citrus as it overtakes the drink and the bite of the cranberry as it leaves an aftertaste that demands you appreciate its freshness.

Another option is the Cranberry and Grand Marnier Cocktail, a refreshing and bubbly drink that offers the best mix of vintage cognac, champagne, and the aromatic and tasty qualities of cranberries. Or, take a nice reprieve from cranberries and journey back into the colonial days with a hot butter rum. This historic drink will sweeten your tooth and keep you nice and toasty as you watch a beautiful snowfall from inside. You'll enjoy its cinnamon stick garnishes and softened butter mixed into the drink. The rum will soothe you and offer a nice relaxing, lowkey night as you dine with your guests. There is no better way to enjoy your cocktails this holiday season, whether your sipping or stirring with that straw.