CELSIUS Fit Stops Bring The Fun (And Tasty) Side Of Fitness To College Campus

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CELSIUS energy drinks can be found on grocery store shelves nationwide, but recently the brand has been skipping the middleman to bring its new line of beverages (and some high-energy fun) directly to college campuses. This fall, CELSIUS kicked off a cross-country tour to bring Fit Stop, its interactive fitness event, to various college campuses nationwide, offering students the chance to work out alongside the popular beverage brand while sampling its new line of drinks. And better yet, their exercising cohort includes none other than "Bachelorette" alum Tyler Cameron and celebrity trainer Phil Fit.

The most recent Fit Stop took the brand to the San Diego State University campus on Wednesday, November 29. Students from the university gathered in the Snapdragon Stadium for a celebrity-led workout and a chance to try the brand's newest line of drinks: CELSIUS ESSENTIALS. These 16-ounce beverages are made with a brand-new energy formula featuring essential aminos, which are designed to enhance both physical and mental performance. There are four new flavors to choose from, including the raspberry-flavored Blue Crush, a classic Cherry Limeade, Juicy Dragonberry, and Orangesicle. Each drink is specially designed for peak rehydration, whether you decide to drink it pre or post-workout.

Fit Stops are a highly interactive crossover event

Fitness celebrity Phil Fit and "Bachelorette" star Tyler Cameron are in on the action at these Fit Stops, but they're not the only guest stars featured on the tour. In addition to the CELSIUS ESSENTIALS samplings, the Fit Stops also feature DJ duo Two Friends, which provides a musical backdrop for the high-energy event — one which both highlights the power of music and helps augment the workout experience overall. (It also doesn't hurt that it's chock-full of multiple CELSIUS giveaways.) It makes sense: Countless studies have shown the positive correlations between physical activity and music, including increasing stamina and mood, and this crossover of activities leans into those positives.

The Fit Stops are just one way the CELSIUS brand has continued to interact with college campuses. Also included in the tour's agenda is the brand's CELSIUS University and Student Marketing Ambassadors programs, both of which seek to bring real-world opportunities to students while spreading the brand's LIVE FIT mentality. Currently over 65 college campuses offer a CELSIUS University program, and the participation levels continue to grow each year.

Of course, at the core of CELSIUS's college programs is the chance to try the brand's drinks, and there are plenty of CELSIUS flavors to go around. While these drinks work perfectly for a pre-workout surge, they're an especially versatile bunch for activities outside the gym and track field. For those looking for a satisfying afternoon beverage, college student or not, CELSIUS energy drinks are perfect as a mocktail to sip on at your next big party.

Switch up classic mocktails with a splash of CELSIUS

Whether you're prepping for Dry January or looking for new mocktails to try for a holiday party, consider sprucing up your drink lineup with CELSIUS drinks. After all, it's part of the zeitgeist: according to a 2018 study, Gen Z is reportedly drinking less alcohol than other generations that have preceded it. Four out of 10 people in the United States are sober-curious, so it's the perfect time to lean into mocktail culture. And when it comes to where to start, you can't go wrong with a cocktail classic or a mocktail with a modern twist. So if you're a college student in need of a sophisticated edge, ditch the Four Loko and opt for one of these energizing mocktails instead.

Shirley Temple


● 1 cup CELSIUS Sparkling Lemon Lime

● 2 tsp grenadine

● Maraschino Cherry for garnish


● Fill one glass with ice, about halfway

● Add CELSIUS Sparkling Lemon Lime to the glass

● Top off with grenadine, roughly 2 tsp

● Stir to combine for balanced cherry flavor

● Add maraschino cherry for garnish

● Take a sip and enjoy the Shirley Temple nostalgia!

To The Moon Berry Blast


● 3⁄4 cup CELSIUS Sparkling Cosmic Vibe

● 1⁄4 cup lemonade

● 2 tsp strawberry puree

● Fresh Strawberries for garnish


● Fill one glass with ice, about halfway

● To your glass, add measured amounts of CELSIUS Sparkling Cosmic Vibe and lemonade

● Stir contents well until combined

● Add in strawberry puree and stir into mix

● Garnish with fresh strawberries; either cut slices or add it whole, make it your own

● Take a sip and taste the out-of-this-world flavors of To the Moon Berry Blast!