You're Missing Out If You Haven't Tried An Apple And Cheddar Sandwich

If you're an at-home chef on the lookout for sandwich recipes better than mom used to make, oftentimes the right combination of simple ingredients can make the most flavorful result. Besides classic peanut butter and jelly, countless sandwich creations have popped up over the years including meaty classics adorned with fried eggs and pimento cheese and dessert-like concoctions such as Nutella and banana. Beyond the ample array of options, there is one sweet and salty sandwich combo that is sure to satisfy the majority of tastebuds: apple and cheddar cheese.

To a certain degree, apples paired with cheese has always been a reliable snack option for both kids and adults. There is something about the sweet bite of a crisp apple against the salty sharpness of cheddar that awards palates with a balanced blend of complexity. If you're looking for a new sandwich option, why not stack these two opposing ingredients between two pieces of fluffy bread? 

Beyond cutting apples into thin, manageable slices, you'll also want to make sure to choose the best variety of fruit and cheese for the job. With so many options to choose from, the flavor of the apples should stand tall against the distinctive qualities of your chosen variety of cheddar. With the perfect pairing, the right blend of additional ingredients can take any standard apple and cheddar sandwich to a whole new level.

For a delicious sandwich, choose ingredients with care

Next to cheddar apple pie, an apple and cheddar sandwich can satisfy both your sweet and savory cravings in one convenient midday meal. The best apples for this one-of-a-kind sandwich are ones that have a distinctly sweet flavor profile not to mention an extra crispy bite. Gala and Honeycrisp are common and popular varieties that are known for their crunchy texture and sweet flesh. Fuji and Cosmic Crisp are also well-known varieties that are on the sweeter end of the spectrum. When choosing the right cheddar, pick a pre-packaged variety labeled as "sharp or "extra sharp," or go the extra mile and before deciding, taste a few varieties at a specialty grocer such as Whole Foods Market.

Once you've successfully chosen your apples and cheddar, you're ready to pepper in some quintessential extras. You might want to consider a hearty layer of greens such as arugula for a contrasting taste or romaine lettuce for extra crunch. Alternatively, sliced raw onion is a tangy option that will impart a more pronounced flavor to the nuanced balance of apples and cheese. Truth be told, you can get wildly creative when adding extra foods and condiments to this simple classic. In order to take your apple and cheddar sandwich to the ultimate next level, also consider turning this satisfying sandwich into a grilled cheese.

The combo is even better as a grilled cheese sandwich

In order to make a flavorful yet melty apple and cheddar sandwich, you may want to consider adding another type of cheese to the mix. While cheddar is the relegated mainstay in this concoction, feel free to add in a secondary variety like brie, which has a contrasting rich and creamy composition. When you're ready to make this upgraded cheddar and apple grilled cheese sandwich, drizzle a bit of honey on your bread slices before adding the cheese and any extras. The added sweetness will help the inner flavor of your apples shine. 

Whether you decide to add heat to this delicious combo is entirely up to you, but either way, make sure to add a sauce or the right blend of condiments to give your apples and cheese some additional flavor. If you want more than honey, try incorporating a bit ofDijon or whole-grain mustard for some added zing.