A Classic Bubble And Squeak Gets So Much Better With A Fried Egg

Making a traditional bubble and squeak can be a great way to use up holiday dinner leftovers. The slightly bizarrely named dish starts with a base of mashed potatoes, and cabbage is folded into the mix. It can be baked in the oven or fried in a pan on the stovetop.

The bubble and squeak can be made with just two ingredients, but it is easy to customize the dish to your preferences. You can add extra leftover veggies, bulk it up with some protein, or top it off with your favorite sauce once it's served. One easy way to enhance the taste of the food is to top it off with a fried egg.

While the bubble and squeak is cooking, fry an egg in olive oil or butter on the stovetop. Then, when the dish is served, top each portion off with the egg before digging in. The egg will also add extra protein and flavor to the dish, with one large fried egg containing around 6.26 grams of protein.

The egg adds a brunchy twist

While bubble and squeak is typically enjoyed as a lunch or dinner dish, there are no rules saying you can't cook it up earlier in the day. The addition of a fried egg may make it more closely resemble a breakfast or brunch meal. Make the fried eggs even tastier by adding in some salt, herbs, or spices while frying. When the bubble and squeak is topped off with a fried egg, the runny yolk can soak into the dish acting like a sauce.

If you want to transform your bubble and squeak into a true brunch dish, there are a few more ingredients you could add alongside the fried egg. A little extra protein in the form of bacon bits or breakfast sausage could bulk up the dish. You could also mix up a hollandaise sauce to top off the meal.

While adding an egg on top may be a quick and easy way to enhance the dish, there are a few other additions that could amplify the bubble and squeak even further.

There are easy ways to upgrade the dish

If you're using your holiday dinner leftovers to make the bubble and squeak, try folding in some corn, shredded turkey, and stuffing to the leftover mashed potatoes and cabbage before cooking up the dish. The fried egg can top it off, and the whole meal can be tied together with a little gravy or cranberry sauce.

If you plan on serving the dish to a few people, you could turn the bubble and squeak into individually sized patties. Once all the ingredients are mixed together, mold the potatoes into patties. You can even use a mason jar lid to help portion them out and perfectly shape the patties. They can be fried up individually rather than in one larger dish. The individual patties can be topped off with the fried eggs before serving.

The next time you cook up a batch of bubble and squeak, try frying up some eggs to pair with the dish. The added protein adds flavor and texture to make an extra delicious meal.