Here's Why You Need To Start Grocery Shopping Solo

When you're going to the grocery store, it may seem beneficial to take a friend along to pass the time. Although the company may be nice, it could actually be causing you to spend extra money on items you hadn't planned on purchasing.

When shopping with another person, you may find yourself more easily influenced to grab extra items. That person may point out items that they like and encourage you to take them home to try. You may also decide to stock up on some extra snacks to split between the two of you. Or, if you take your kids to the store with you, you may wind up buying some extra treats in thanks for their good behavior.

Shopping alone, however, may allow you to focus only on the items you need to get. You can go into the store with a list of specific foods, grab what you need, and get out to go home. 

You might waste more time with another person

Grocery shopping alone may also allow you to cut back on the amount of time you spend at the grocery store. When shopping with someone else, you may spend extra time waiting for them to check out items they may need to purchase. Or, if you pick out a private label brand of an item, they may suggest the name brand option in its place. This could result in a discussion over which to purchase, and delay you both from getting home.

You may also find yourselves pausing the trip to chat. One of you may see an item that jogs your memory, and you could both decide to dive into an unplanned (and costly) baking or cooking endeavor. By the time you've pushed through all the distractions and made it through checkout, you may find that you've spent more time at the store than anticipated.

However, if you plan to spend the trip shopping separately, there is one way that taking an extra person to the store could wind up saving you some time.

There are some benefits to shopping with a friend

Although it could end up costing you some extra time and money, there are some benefits to having an extra person at the store with you. Conversation may make the task of getting groceries seem to go by a little faster, since you'll have some entertainment and company as you shop. And, you'll have some extra help bagging groceries and transporting everything to your home.

There may be a way to cut your grocery shopping time in half, too, if you go into the store with a game plan. You and your shopping buddy could each take half the list, and divide and conquer to shop. Then, reconvene at checkout, and buy all the groceries together. You may even be able to make it out of the store in 30 minutes or less by splitting up the work.

Still, if you find yourself more susceptible to impulse purchases and you often delay leaving the store when shopping with a partner, declining the extra company may be a useful grocery shopping hack. You may find that you save a little extra money, and you can wind up back home a little quicker when you take on the task solo.