The Ultimate Ranking Of Apple Butter Brands, According To Amazon Reviews

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Apple butter is a fruity spread that doesn't actually contain any butter. The reason it's called apple butter is because the texture is smooth and creamy — like butter. In other words, the word butter in this context has everything to do with texture, and nothing to really do with the actual use of the ingredient itself. Think of it as a more concentrated and caramelized version of apple jelly or jam.

Apple butter is made by slowly cooking pureed apples until the sugars caramelize and the mixture is browned, sticky, and sweet. Sometimes, other ingredients are added to apple butter to complement the flavor. Brown sugar, cinnamon, and pecans are a few common additions to apple butter recipes. There are many delicious uses for apple butter, like spreading it on toast or pairing it with various cheeses and crackers.

Despite different apple butter brands containing similar ingredients, each brand can be remarkably distinct. The level of sweetness, the consistency of the apple butter, and the amount of tartness are just a few of the variables at play. These were some of the factors we kept in mind to form our ranking, as we combed through and evaluated customer reviews on Amazon. If you're new to apple butter and considering scoring yourself a jar for the first time, we're here to steer you in the right direction.

14. Amish Wedding

The brand Amish Wedding specializes in jarred products like spreads, jellies, jams, condiments, and pickled veggies. Some of the company's products include plum jelly, apple pie jam, pickled baby beets, and strawberry preserves. Amish Wedding also sells various fruit butters, such as blueberry butter, blackberry butter, and apple butter.

Amish Wedding's Apple Butter is made with only a few simple ingredients: apples, cider, sugar, cinnamon, and citric acid. Starting at around $10 or $11 per jar, some customers gripe about the price — but when you consider that each jar is 32 ounces, it's really not that outlandish. The reason this ranks dead last in our list doesn't necessarily mean that this is not good — it just means that it isn't quite as good as the other apple butters we've evaluated. 

The main issue customers seem to point out with this apple butter is that it is quite tart. This is most likely due to the fact that cider is the second ingredient listed in the recipe, which means that it's fairly prominent. Customers feel that the flavor needs a little extra doctoring, so they add extra spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. We prefer apple butters that taste great as they are right out of the jar, without having to add any additional spices to make them more flavorful.

13. Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen makes a lot of products like chutney, nut butter, and hot pepper jelly. The company also makes various butters, including gingerbread butter, maple pumpkin butter, fig and walnut butter, and caramel apple butter. Unfortunately, with Stonewall Kitchen's Caramel Apple Butter — which is made with apple butter, brown sugar, pure cane sugar, natural caramel flavor, and citric acid – some say the flavor overall just isn't really that enjoyable.

The issue here has to do with expectations. When a product is marketed as caramel apple butter, customers understandably expect the taste of caramel to take the spotlight. Yet according to some customers on Amazon, that's not really the case here. A single tablespoon contains 7 grams of sugar, which means this is definitely very sweet. Despite all the sugar, the taste of caramel doesn't really shine through. Perhaps a touch of heavy cream, vanilla, and molasses would give this a more caramel-like taste and texture. But as it stands, customers seem to feel a little let down with the overall taste of this, since its notes of caramel are so muted.

12. Grandma's Jam House

Grandma's Jam House produces a wide variety of jarred goods. Apricot jam, spicy bread and butter pickles, clover honey, corn relish, and hot pepper mustard are just a few of the unique offerings that Grandma's Jam House whips up. The company's Apple Butter is made with apples cane sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, and allspice. A common complaint from customers on Amazon with this product is that it lacks flavor or isn't quite sweet enough.

To be honest, both of these issues seem a bit strange considering the ingredients. This apple butter is basically just apples, sugar, and spices. How is it possible that this apple butter is flavorless or lacking sweetness? Perhaps the quality of the apples leaves much to be desired, or the ratio of sugar and spices in the recipe needs to be reconsidered. Either way, this apple butter may not be downright horrible, but it doesn't seem to be amazing enough to earn a top slot in our ranking, either.

11. Mrs. Miller's

There's a difference between apple butter and apple jelly. Apple butter should be slightly thickened yet smooth and spreadable, with a rich, caramelized flavor. Apple jelly should be more gelatinous in texture, with a highly sweetened yet fruity flavor. This is because jelly is typically made with juice and sugar, while fruit butters are made with pureed fruit along with cider, sweeteners, and other spices. The reason we're making this distinction is because a lot of customers have reported that this Apple Butter from Mrs. Miller's doesn't really taste like apple butter; it tastes more like apple jelly.

Because apple butter has such a distinct flavor and texture, it can be disappointing to try a product only to find out that it doesn't meet your expectations. Other customers have also reported that this apple butter is overly sweet. Considering that cane sugar is the second ingredient, it makes sense that this product would be exceptionally sweet. Perhaps decreasing the sugar a bit and blending in more apples and cider would make this better. Others say the texture is gelatinous, echoing other reviewers who compare it to jelly. All in all, despite this product having a good rating on Amazon, a lot of the complaints are similar, leading us to believe there is merit to the issues being raised.

10. Green Jay Gourmet

Green Jay Gourmet features a lot of interesting specialty food items. Maple bacon salt, smoky orange barbecue sauce, and habanero stuffed olives are just a few of the products that Green Jay Gourmet offers. The company also sells various spreads, like pumpkin butter and apple butter.

Green Jay Gourmet's Apple Butter is made with apples, sugar, cider vinegar, cinnamon, and spices. Reviewers on Amazon tend to be fairly happy with this apple butter, and the company has earned four out of five stars with its fruit butter lineup. That said, there doesn't seem to be anything necessarily special about it, either — which is why it's landing more towards the middle of our ranking. This apple butter has a thick consistency and a nicely spiced flavor profile, giving it a rich creaminess that spreads well on toast. Starting at around $12 per jar, it's not exactly the cheapest apple butter you'll find, but it makes good on its promise and checks all the right boxes. Still, better apple butter abounds.

9. Amish Valley Products

Amish Valley Products offers a wide range of goods, selling everything from handcrafted clocks and hot pickled garlic to bookcases and spicy pickled eggs. The company also sells old-fashioned apple butter. Amish Valley's Apple Butter is made with apples, cider, sugar, cinnamon, and citric acid.

Customers tend to praise this apple butter for its homemade taste. Even though cider is the second ingredient in the recipe, this apple butter isn't overly tangy or acidic. Instead, there is a delicate balance between the apples, cider, sugar, and spices. The only thing that customers seem to have reservations about is the price. Yet at about $13 a jar, this apple butter's price is comparable to many other apple butters on the market. In general, it's good to keep in mind that apple butter seems to be a little more expensive than most jams and jellies.

There have been a couple of complaints about the texture, with some customers saying it's more like jelly. But the vast majority of customers report being pleased with its thickness. With more than 500 reviews on Amazon, this apple butter has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating — an excellent score. But we still found some even more impressive options that go the extra mile.

8. Kime's Cider Mill

Kime's Cider Mill is located in Pennsylvania and is surrounded by thousands of acres of fruit orchards. The soil in this region is known for producing high-quality fruit, which helps Kime's create exceptional products. The company sells fruit ciders, juices, jellies, and other spreads like apple butter.

What nudges Kime's ahead of its competitors is the fact that it offers an assortment of apple butters to choose from. There is an Apple Butter Spread that's sweetened with honey, a spiced apple butter, a spiced apple butter with no sugar added, and a non-spiced unsweetened apple butter. Offering so many variations of apple butter caters to more customers since people with dietary restrictions or certain preferences have more to pick from.

Many customers may be reluctant to purchase an unsweetened version of apple butter, thinking it might be too bland. But customers on Amazon have provided reassuring reviews claiming otherwise. In fact, some customers say that you can't even taste that the unsweetened version doesn't contain sugar because it's still so flavorful. We consider this a testament to the high-quality fruit in the recipe.

7. McCutcheon's Apple Products

McCutcheon's sells everything from honey and hot sauces to marinades and fruit butters. One of the lures of McCutcheon's is that it sells mini jars of many of its products, which makes it possible to sample more flavors for a cheaper price. This includes the company's Home Recipe Apple Butter.

McCutcheon's actually has two flavors of apple butter that it sells. The Home Recipe flavor is made with apples, sugar, apple juice, and spices. The other version switches the sugar for honey, which adds sweetness along with some delicious honey flavor. The addition of honey makes perfect sense and pairs well with the flavors of apple, and also lends a subtle stickiness to the apple butter. 

Some customers have claimed that McCutcheon's makes the best apple butter they've ever had. Others have said that it's actually way too sweet. Still, this apple butter has received more praise than criticism, earning a nearly perfect five-star rating on Amazon after more than 400 customer reviews. This is clearly a popular pick, and having an option with honey gives McCutcheon's a little edge over some other brands.

6. Musselman's

Perhaps best known for its apple sauce, Musselman's also sells other products including juice, cider, pie filling, and vinegars. The company's Apple Butter is made by slowly simmering apples in kettles along with sugar and spices. Musselman's recipe has been produced for over 80 years, using a blend of apples, sugar, cinnamon, and cloves.

Despite this being mass-produced, customers on Amazon are happy to report that this apple butter still manages to retain a homemade flavor. The touch of cloves in the recipe adds a subtle spice to the mix that helps balance out the sweetness of the sugar and the apples. The cinnamon also adds a little sparkle of warmth. Altogether, the apples, sugar, cinnamon, and cloves come together and form an apple butter that's akin to an emulsified version of apple pie. Some reviews state that the recipe leans on the cinnamon and cloves a little too heavily, so if you don't like those flavors you might want to try out another brand instead.

5. Redhawk Farms

Redhawk Farms sells jams, dips, sauces, and spreads. The company offers some intriguing flavor combinations, such as its Raspberry Chipotle sauce. The ingredients in Redhawk Farms' Apple Butter include apples, sugar, apple juice concentrate, brown sugar, salt, spices, and citric acid. The recipe does not include any artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives.

Customers say that this apple butter is very tasty and is some of the best apple butter they've ever tasted. The consistency of this apple butter is slightly gritty, like apple sauce with finely ground bits of apple. It's thick and spreadable and the taste of apples and brown sugar both shine through well. The reason this apple butter has landed such a high spot in our ranking is because the taste not only honors the flavor of apples, but also complements them with the right amount of brown sugar. The brown sugar adds a flavor similar to caramel that's almost toffee-like. This apple butter is simple but well done and also fairly priced. For a dependable apple butter with a homemade flavor, this is a wise choice.

4. Tennessee's Best

Tennessee's Best specializes in products that are sweet and spicy, showcasing both extremes and combining them in items that are deliciously complex. The company sells everything from ghost pepper mustard sauce to blackberry jalapeno jam. Tennessee's Best also sells apple butter products, including an apple butter-flavored barbecue sauce.

Tennessee's Best Apple Butter comes in a 16-ounce resealable jar and is made with apples, sugar, cider, cinnamon, citric acid, and salt. Customers tend to say that the flavor of apples in this is prominent. When other apple butters veer into the overly sweet territory, the taste of apples can get lost along the way, but that's not the case with this apple butter. It may seem obvious, but above all, the best apple butters allow the flavor of apples to rise to the top. Thankfully, there are brands like Tennessee's Best that do just that. There is a slight tartness to this apple butter that manages to enhance the flavor rather than overwhelming it. Overall, this apple rises toward the top of our list due to how well-balanced the flavors are.

3. Kauffman's Fruit Farm

Kauffman Orchards has been around for more than a century. While the company sold its fresh fruit from the early days, it didn't start making homemade apple butter until 1989. Kauffman Orchards now sells a wide variety of products, including honey-roasted peanut butter, orange marmalade, jam, and apple butter. What really sets Kauffman's Apple Butter Spread apart from the pack is the fact that the company uses lady pink apples in the recipe.

Because pink lady apples are on the tart end of the flavor spectrum, they give this apple butter a tasty, complex tanginess. Even the version of this with no granulated sugar added is amazingly delicious. Some customers have even gone as far as to refer to this apple butter as profound and the holy grail of apple butters. As far as endorsements go, it doesn't really get much better than that. The texture is also just right: sticky yet smooth enough to be easily spreadable. There's no doubt that this is seriously delicious, but there are still some other apple butters that go above and beyond.

2. Kyvan Foods

Kyvan Foods features some creative flavor combinations. Honey apple salsa, sweet potato vinaigrette, and cherry apple barbecue sauce are just a few of the unique items that Kyvan has in store. The company also sells an 18.5-ounce jar of Apple Butter that has earned an overall perfect five-star rating on Amazon.

This apple butter is made with apples, white sugar, brown sugar, honey, spices, and citric acid. From what customers say, the general consensus seems to be that this apple butter is some of the best on the market. As one customer puts it on Amazon: "Very pleased with this apple butter. Delicious flavor, nice rich color and texture. Tastes homemade but without the mess!" That's exactly what we're looking for in an apple butter: the freshness of homemade flavor without the inconvenience of having to make it from scratch. And that's precisely what Kyvan's apple butter provides, landing it near the very top of our ranking. The fact this apple butter is cooked in small batches to maintain its freshness also makes it one of the best choices.

1. Fischer & Wieser

Fischer & Wieser is known for its specialty jams and jellies, though it sells much more than that. The company focuses on inventive spreads that are probably difficult to find elsewhere, like smokey plum jam and toasted cinnamon pear preserves. Fischer & Wieser also makes some amazing apple butter, and what brings it to the top of our list is the simple but genius inclusion of pecans. Not only is this apple butter delicious, but it's also one of the most affordable options in our ranking: a single 10.6-ounce jar of this usually only costs around $8.

Pecans have a unique flavor that pairs perfectly with apple butter. Pecans themselves are inherently buttery, yet also sweet and woodsy, making them an ideal companion for apple butter. Customers tend to acknowledge that the pecans elevate this apple butter into excellence. The reason this pecan apple butter takes the cake in our ranking is that it makes it possible to have a truly luxurious breakfast from the comfort of home. Heat up a toaster waffle, top it with a dollop of this pecan apple butter along with a drizzle of maple syrup, and see what you've been missing out on.