Double Your Apple Pie Filling And Freeze It To Save Time On Holiday Desserts

During the holiday season, dessert rightfully claims its spot as the grand finale. The anticipation from your guests remains high, so ensuring a memorable conclusion is key, along with ensuring there's enough to extend the festive sweetness well past Thanksgiving. If you're the one doing most of the cooking, allocating yourself some time during these significant celebrations is essential, allowing you to focus on all the other crucial dishes.

A strategic approach involves doubling up on your apple pie fillings and freezing them. This will ensure an ample supply for Thanksgiving and the major December holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. If you recognize dessert's significant role during these occasions, your defrosted apple pie fillings can be transformed into a variety of dishes that will undoubtedly captivate the palates of everyone. This thoughtful planning not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also grants you a well-deserved reprieve amid the perpetual holiday hustle.

Freezing your apple pie fillings for the holiday season

Storing apple pie fillings in the freezer is a breeze. Whether you're whipping up an apple pie or making an apple strudel, the process remains the same for any dessert. You'll want to place some parchment paper down, then place your apple pie fillings on top. You can do this with room-temperature or pre-frozen-in-pie-form filling. Next, place more parchment paper over the top and fold it so there are no gaps your filling can escape from. Now, you'll need to place your apple pie filling wrapped in parchment paper into zip-top bags. You'll want to make sure you squeeze out all the air you can from your bags to maintain the freshness of your delicious apple pie fillings.

Make sure you go big! You can plan to make as many desserts as you want when you freeze your apple pie fillings. If you've already cooked them on a stovetop or in the oven, let them cool before placing them into the plastic bags. If you have so much apple pie filling that it lasts beyond the upcoming holidays, writing a date on each bag will remind you how long they'll be good. It's best to store these anywhere from three to four months for maximum freshness. You can even take it up to six months with food-saver bags.

Different treats you can make with your apple pie fillings

Apple pie is a classic American dessert many people love during the holidays. But you can make many more possible desserts with your apple pie fillings. Consider making Latke apple pie with that filling in place of applesauce. You'll love the slight spiciness of the cinnamon and the subtle bit of crunch you get in every bite. Another one your guests will love is apple pie doughnuts (sufganiyot), which also make use of apple pie filling. These authentic, sugary delights will have you wanting to grab every single one until there's no possibility of turning these into leftovers.

The apple strudel is an absolute must-try for those who appreciate the flaky exterior and warm tenderness of apples within. Prepare to be captivated by the taste of this delectable classic, along with all the other desserts that will make your holidays memorable.