What Payment Methods Does Aldi Actually Accept?

Aldi is a favorite choice for millions of consumers worldwide. In a recent survey, it was named the most popular grocery store in the U.S., outperforming 7-Eleven, Kroger, Whole Foods Market, and Trader Joe's. Although it offers a smaller range of brands than its competitors, the prices are hard to beat. One of the things you may not know about Aldi is that it had a cash-only policy until 2004. In 2016, the supermarket chain started to accept credit cards (instead of just debit) as part of its expansion plan.

In 2018, only 13% of consumers used cash when shopping at supermarkets. Three years later, 57% of all payments made in the U.S. were done with credit and debit cards, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. The same source reports that mobile app payments are growing in popularity, too. Nowadays, Aldi accepts most forms of payment, including Apple and Google Pay. This strategy allows the store to reach more customers and create a seamless shopping experience. 

The German supermarket chain accepts most payment methods

Aldi's customers can pay cash or by card, as well as through other means, such as digital wallets. The German supermarket chain accepts both debit and credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Buyers may also qualify for cashback, depending on the type of card used. The maximum cashback amount per transaction is $100.

Buyers enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) can pay for groceries with an EBT card. EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer and allows customers to access their food benefits when shopping at retailers authorized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). This option is only available for low-income individuals. Note that you can't use your EBT card to buy alcohol, cigarettes, dietary supplements, pet food, or nonfood items, such as makeup products, detergents, and soap.

As mentioned earlier, there's also the option to use your smartphone for in-store payments. All you need to do is connect your card to Google Pay or Apple Pay and hold the top of your mobile phone near the card reader at checkout. Surprisingly, Walmart and other major grocery stores don't accept Apple Pay.

Aldi's customers can also use gift cards and coupons

Aldi doesn't normally offer coupons because its prices are already lower than average. However, customers may receive coupons on special occasions, such as when a new store opens in their area. The coupons are valid until their expiration date, and you can use them at checkout to grab a discount.

The supermarket chain also accepts gift cards worth up to $100. If you have a gift card and run out of funds, you can reload it at the nearest Aldi store. Just make sure you do it within 90 days of reaching a $0 balance. You can also check your gift card balance online or ask a cashier to check the funds available on your card.

Like most grocery stores these days, Aldi does not accept checks. Also, you can't pay with a WIC card if you're enrolled in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children. These benefits have very specific requirements regarding what you can buy, and, unfortunately, Aldi's products aren't covered.