Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie Is A Deliciously Cold Take On The Classic

There are few desserts as classic around the holidays as pumpkin pie. Slightly sweet with autumnal flavors, this treat is the perfect way to finish off Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

Typically, pumpkin pie is made with just a couple of ingredients, including pumpkin purée and seasonal spices. However, rather than following a standard old-fashioned pumpkin pie recipe, why not mix things up a bit and use ice cream in it? Doing so will give you a pumpkin ice cream pie that's just as delicious as the classic version but with a flavor all its own. You can use ice cream as a substitute ingredient in classic baked pumpkin pie, or it can form the base of a frozen pumpkin treat.

Of course, to make pumpkin ice cream pie, you've got to know what kind of ice cream to use, how to add it to your pie filling, and what to do about the crust. With that know-how, you'll be on the right track to making a unique yet tasty alternative to your standard cold-weather dessert.

Tips for making the perfect pumpkin ice cream pie

There are two ways to use ice cream in your pumpkin pie. The first is to simply swap out the usual inclusion of evaporated milk in your pie for melted ice cream. Once you mix together your ice cream-spiked pie filling, you bake it like a normal pumpkin pie. Another method is to make a frozen dessert with a no-bake filling. For this method, you'll use softened but not fully melted ice cream and mix it with pumpkin purée, brown sugar, and spices before pressing it into your crust and freezing it.

Besides the methodology for making this treat, you've also got to know what crust to use. A graham cracker crust can work well here, especially for the frozen version. You can also use gingersnap crumbs to make a seasonally spicy one as well. Or, stick to a classic flaky pastry crust recipe if you're baking your pie.

Finally, it pays to know what kind of ice cream to use when making this dessert. The most common option is vanilla, but you could also try playing around with butter pecan, French vanilla, or other styles. It's up to you which flavors you think will work well with the pumpkin.

Variations and pairings for pumpkin ice cream pie

You already know that one easy variation for this pumpkin pie recipe is to use a different flavor of ice cream, but there are other ways to put your own spin on it. For instance, you could make homemade pumpkin purée from scratch rather than buying a canned variety. Or you could use homemade ice cream. You can also keep things dairy-free by swapping in a plant-based ice cream, such as one made from almond or coconut milk.

Once you've perfected your preferred variation, it's time to think about what to pair with your pie. You can top it with a dollop of classic whipped cream or go for an alcohol-infused variety for a boozy adult spin. Another choice could be to drizzle your dessert with caramel or chocolate sauce or sprinkle it with chopped nuts. You could also reinforce the crust's flavor and add a dusting of graham cracker or gingersnap crumbs to your treat. Whichever toppings and variations you use, try breaking out this twist on a classic holiday dessert this year.